The Truth Behind The John McAfee Antivirus Removal Video

John McAfee, founder of McAfee Antivirus, released a video today titled “How To Uninstall McAfee Antivirus.” For most people, this video is just an amusing short about the antivirus software they love to hate. For people who are aware that, yes, that is the founder of McAfee Antivirus in the video and that the video references very real aspects of his McAfee’s crazy life, the video is just the latest in a series of nutball antics for this crazy fugitive.

John McAfee was born in England, but he was raised in America, in Salem, Mass., America’s original home of nutball antics. His first job out of college was with NASA. NASA! After NASA, John worked for a who’s who of industrial titans, including Xerox and Lockheed– back when those names actually meant something. At Lockheed, John began developing his antivirus software after receiving the Pakistani Brain virus, a virus that was an early attempt at anti-piracy DRM. In 1987, John released McAfee Antivirus and began selling it using the still-young shareware model, which is still the basis for how the software is released today. You pay nothing to install the software, but if you want to keep using it after your trial expires, McAfee requires you to pay for a subscription. Seven years later, John resigned from the company, and two years after that, he sold his stake in the business. Because of this and a couple other tech ventures John had been a part of, he managed to amass over a hundred million dollars. That’s just normal entrepreneurism. Now we’re getting to the craziness.

In 2009, The New York Times reported that McAfee’s fortune had been reduced to 4 million from 100 million as a result of the Great Recession. McAfee moved to Belize to begin researching and developing medicine using something called bacterial quorum sensing. Sounds next level doesn’t it? Well, since then, things have run entirely off the rails. First McAfee got raided by Belize’s Gang Supression Unit for unlicensed drug manufacturing and illegal possession of a gun. They thought he was running a meth lab. That might not be far off, considering that he had, reportedly, begun experimenting with bath salts and frequenting online message boards about the subject. Next, there was the 2012 murder investigation into his neighbor’s death, in which he was designated a person of interest, which caused him to flee to Ecuador, where he was promptly arrested for illegally entering the country. He was crazy enough to shoot video for Vice while on the run in Ecuador:

[[contentId: 2466605| data-allowvote: false]]

While in jail, he faked a couple heart attacks, allegedly, to buy his lawyers time to fight his deportation to Belize. Belize returned him to America, where he’s been holed up in Portland uploading his insanity to the web via his website, WhoIsMcAfee. On his website, he has claimed, among other things, to have run a spy ring, spying on the entire government of Belize and that he was living with a harem of seven women in Belize. To top it all off, Warner Brothers has bought the right to make a movie, based on his life.

Whew! Suffice it to say, it’s been a crazy half decade for John McAfee. So now that you know all that– let’s go back and pick through the video.

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1) Yes, this is actually John McAfee– not a look-alike. He definitely fits his title of Eccentric Millionaire.

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2) John McAfee has definitely burned his way through the fortune he’d accumulated. 

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3) John’s lifestyle could best be described as hedonistic, filled with drugs and sex. This pic seems to be missing four more women, though.

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4) When he moved to Belize to develop medicine, John did hire one scientist, an expert on quorum sensing, to work with him.

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5) Not only do we have a more accurate number of women present, but here are the bath salts! Note that the women aren’t the prettiest. John has gone on record, extolling the virtues of sex with ugly women.

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6) Guns. Just in case you forgot that he was charged with illegal possession in Belize.

This all makes a lot more sense now, doesn’t it? If only half of all of this is true, his life is still crazier than yours ever will be. I encourage you to check out his site, It is filled with the lunatic ravings of a mad man who sees himself as half Richard Branson, half Charles Bronson, and half Charlie Manson. If you’re keeping count, that’s one and half men. That actually sounds about right, doesn’t it? 

– Earnest (follow me on Twitter @earnestp