The Town From “The Walking Dead” Goes Up For Sale On eBay

Fans of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” could easily recognize the town of Grantville, Georgia. It served as one of the small hamlets where Rick Grimes shuffles in to search for weapons and provisions along his long journey during Season 3. Now that town is going up for sale and anyone with the money to afford a town ravaged by a zombie horde can buy it. 

The town as seen in The Walking Dead.

The owners of Grantville, Georgia put their ghost town up for sale on eBay for the rock bottom price os $680,000 or the best available offer. The town went into foreclosure four years ago and then-mayor Jim Sells acquired it.

Since then, he’s been trying to get movie and TV productions to film scenes in the quaint corner of Georgia and when he got “The Walking Dead” to film a scene there, it’s become a small pilgrimage point for fans of the show. Sells claims that three more productions are scheduled to shoot in Grantville including a sequel to “The Ring” thanks in part to a boom in Atlanta’s growing film industry. 

The only thing dead around here is this town.

The eBay auction says that anyone who purchases the town gets 34,000 square feet of space including nine buildings for retail and restaurant use. The town square also has two restaurants including a pizza parlor and a pub. Walkers sold separately. 

Any buyers?

Source: Variety