The Top 5 Moments of Presidential Swearing

The President is not just a man who runs the country, he’s also a dude.  A dude under stress, surrounded by panderers and idiots and sometimes people who want to kill him and lots of people who hate him, no matter what party he represents.  It’s no wonder then that the President loses his cool or just lets loose sometimes.  With that in mind, here’s the best of Presidential cussing caught on tape.

Mr. Nixon Goes to San Francisco

Richard Nixon was a colorful character if the Nixon tapes are to be believed.  He cussed out the TV when football was on, he cussed out reporters, he cussed out all kinds of people in private meetings that have since become way less private.  Nixon was like a lot of people’s dads.  Except for that whole impeachment thing.  And like a lot of people from that generation, Nixon was all about homophobia, so much so that apparently he won’t even shake hands with people from San Francisco.  The cast of Full House are distraught.

LBJ and New Pants

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Lyndon Johnson was basically an old guy from a hardware store who somehow ended up as President.  As his released tapes show, when not telling jokes about buggery (that’s another tape), he was the kind of guy who ordered pants and wanted to make sure the tailor paid special attention to how much room he had for his nuts.  Also a little room in the ass for his insanely fluctuating weight.

Obama and Kanye

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One of Obama’s big selling points when he first appeared was his skill as an orator.  Love him or hate him, he’s very adept at public speaking.  He sounds like he knows what he’s talking about no matter what he’s saying and generally that requires the ability to choose words carefully for maximum impact.  So when President Obama calls someone, like Kanye West, a jackass, you have to believe he means it.  And recent scientific research has shown that Obama is in fact correct; Kanye West is a huge jackass.

Bush and the Middle East

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Bush Jr was nearly the polar opposite of Obama in terms of speaking ability.  Well, in terms of a lot of things, but his manner of public speaking was much more down home colloquial than Obama.  So when he gets a private moment with his good buddy the Prime Minister of England, he can let loose with a bit of informal foreign policy.  This caused a stink when it hit the news but really it’s not a huge deal.  Not like he shot anyone.

JFK  and the Silly Bastard

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The Kennedys have achieved a nearly legendary status in American history and JFK is often held as the gold standard of a President, due in part to his tragic fate.  So when you get a moment to experience JFK off the cuff and as a real person, it’s kind of refreshing.  Not so refreshing for the dude in the picture who really pissed JFK off, but it’s fun to listen to