The Success Kid’s Dad Needs a New Kidney

If you’ve ever had a tough day that made you feel like the whole world was plotting your downfall, you can still get a quick boost of inspiration and swagger from the image of the “Success Kid.” Now the Success Kid’s dad needs some very real help of his own. 

The father of the fist pumping tyke who looks like a baby Patton Oswald with confidence has some serious medical problems and he’s turning to the Internet for help. Justin Griner, the father of Laney “Success Kid” Grainer, had been fighting a kidney disease since 2006 and even went into full kidney failure in 2009.

He’s undergoing dialysis treatment but the medical bills are starting to turn into an insurmountable mountain so his family started a GoFundMe campaign to get him the kidney transplant he needs to end his medical problems. So far, he’s raised over $33,000 of his $75,000 goal in just six days. 

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We’re for any fundraising campaign that helps someone overcome the insane prices of medical treatment but this one’s special and not just because he fathered one of the Internet’s most inspiring baby photos. According to the fundraising page, Justin’s mother also died of kidney problems and it’s hard to imagine the kind of pain someone would have to endure after losing two family members in such a horrible and painful way. 

Click here to go to his GoFundMe campaign.

Source: Daily Dot