The State Of The Union Designated Survivor Could Be POTUS

Meet President Anthony Foxx…. That is, this guy- the current Secretary of Transportation, who most people haven’t heard of – will become The President Of The United States if everyone in the US government is killed in an attack on the chamber of the House of Representatives during the State Of The Union Address and we need someone to be acting president to continue the country.  It’s a scenario just like that John Goodman movie King Ralph but with more LOLs.  

The entire government was taken out? Thanks Foxx!!

Normally the President and the Vice President aren’t even supposed to travel together, much less have the ENTIRE US government and everyone in the presidential line of succession in the same room.  That’s why every year during the president’s State of The Union address a cabinet level official is chosen to watch the speech from a secure, undisclosed location – like one of those Dr. Evil bunkers, surrounded by Secret Service agents, preparing  to become the President, should something so horrible actually happen.

Watch one Designated Survivor as he describes his night:

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It is believed that this fascinating practice was started sometime in the 1960’s during the height of the Cold War when fears of nuclear Armageddon were a constant threat and plans had to be made for continuation of government should an attack happen during the State of The Union. In later years the duty of the Designated Survivor was more relaxed with potential presidents waiting somewhere and having a pizza with a light security detail. However, after 9/11 things got intense again and the Designated Survivor was treated with a full security detail as if they were already president.

In case you are wondering, here is the full list of Presidential Succession, since the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. Which one is your fav?

1. Vice President, Joe Biden

2. Speaker Of The House, John Boehner

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3. Senate President Pro Tempore – Orin Hatch

[[contentId: 2809537| alt: | style: height:292px; width:230px]]

4. Secretary of State, John Kerry

[[contentId: 2809538| alt: | style: height:292px; width:230px]]

5. Secretary of Treasury, Jacob Lew

[[contentId: 2809539| alt: | style: width:30%]]

6. Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel

[[contentId: 2809540| alt: | style: width:30%]]

7. The Attorney General, Eric Holder

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8. Secretary of The Interior *

-The current Sec. of The Interior, Sally Jewell was born in England and therefor not eligible to be president.

9. Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack

[[contentId: 2809542| alt: | style: width:30%]]

10. Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker

[[contentId: 2809543| alt: | style: width:30%]]

11. Secretary of Labor, Thomas Perez

[[contentId: 2809544| alt: | style: width:30%]]

12. Secretary of Health and Human Services

[[contentId: 2809545| alt: | style: width:30%]]

13. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Julian Castro

[[contentId: 2809546| alt: | style: width:30%]]

14. Secretary of Transportation, Anthony Foxx

[[contentId: 2809547| alt: | style: width:30%]]

15. Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz

[[contentId: 2809548| alt: | style: width:30%]]

16. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan

[[contentId: 2809549| alt: | style: width:30%]]

17. Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert McDonald

[[contentId: 2809550| alt: | style: width:30%]]

18. Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson

[[contentId: 2809551| alt: | style: width:30%]]

Wow so President Foxx was 14 on the list and he just jumped ahead of everyone… if they are all gone, anyway.  While this whole thing is really fascinating, shouldn’t they just have the vice president be the one who goes into hiding for the night? Does Joe Biden really need to be there to clap and smile behind the POTUS? Isn’t his one main job really to be the backup president and he is essentially getting someone to cover for him for the night?

Source: ABC 

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