Dream Casting: If ‘The Shining’ Was Ever Rebooted (8 Photoshops)

There are numerous horror classics to watch this Halloween but one in particular is so untouchable, we’d hate for Hollywood to remake it (despite the forgettable TV movie remake in the late 90’s) but we know they will eventually anyway. So we’ve decided to beat them to the punch with OUR reboot casting. Take note, Hollywood. This is how its done.

1. Bryan Cranston as Jack Torrance

There can only be one Jack Nicholson but Bryan Cranston is not only an overall fan favorite, but might be the only actor who can handle both drama and humility in one performance. Plus we’d really like to see him play a fatherly maniac someday.

2. Jennifer Lawrence as Wendy Torrance

A tough role to cast but Lawrence not only has the chops but also could play the character as a winner and less of a helpless mom. She does know how to handle weapons besides a kitchen knife afterall.

3. Morgan Freeman as Dick Halloran

In a film filled with despair, Dick Halloran is the only possible hero that could help Wendy and Danny. And we couldn’t think of a better possible hero than Morgan Freeman.


4. Rico Rodriguez as Danny Torrance

When it comes to child stars who could fill the role of Danny Torrance, it’s slim pickins which is why Rico Rodriguez (aka Manny from Modern Family) is probably your safest bet. Might be more interesting if Danny was adopted anyway.

5. William H. Macy as Lloyd

Lloyd is a creep and an instigator for Jack’s alcoholism. Sounds like a job for William H. Macy to us!

6. Willem Dafoe as Grady

Grady wants Jack to kill his entire family, just as he did when he was the previous caretaker. And if there’s any actor who could play the role of a murderer inside the role of a ghost inside the role of a servant, it’s probably Willem Dafoe.

7. Kylie and Kendall Jenner as The Twins

Here me out, I’d rather eat gravel than watch a movie starring the Jenner sisters, BUT, I can’t think of two girls who should play two dead mindless souls more. 

8. Betty White as the Naked Bathtub Ghost

One of the more disturbing scenes from The Shining should be played by a true legend. Also it would be her first time on screen totally nude and in the biz that’s what we call good press. Like you wouldn’t pay to see that.

So who else would you like to see in these roles? Sure, I’d hate for a reboot to ever happen as well but it’s not exactly up to us, now is it. God help us all.