"The Purge" Is Huge In America... Why?

Break.com Staff by Break.com Staff on Jun. 13, 2013

I don’t get how The Purge was America’s number 1 movie last week. It’s legitimately just shit we’ve shown on Break a million times, but with higher production value and that creepy downward front door camera angle.

Honestly, change the backdrop from a residential neighborhood to a Georgia Waffle House and it’s your average Tuesday on the site.


See money, want money, take money- that’s Purge 101


In their defense, $3.50 for a side of short stacks is outrageous


Any chance of a civilized society goes right out the window the first time a person pisses in the corner of an elevator.

Jordan-Jesmeen-62 User

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assclowninyoface User

Aww, is wittle breakie-wakey jealous??? how cute...

Robert-Farr-114 User

None of these video's feature a Waffle House in Georgia. The top video features a woman holding Starbucks coffee cup, Maybe you should say "Honestly, change the backdrop from a residential neighborhood to a California Starbucks and it’s your average Tuesday on the site." That would be much more accurate.

Sedge-Noob-dad-168 User

Break is a movie critic now? I guess once you master being awful in one category, why not branch out to another...

eXimum User

f*ck f*ck f*ckety f*ck f*ck

The-Langolier UserTop Commenter

The article was not very funny, and I sense that is what you were going for.


I'm assuming you used a crowbar to here to find some relevance to a current move to make it acceptable to post old video's?