Pope Francis Unleashes Sign Of The Apocalypse

Photos via AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia

What could ruin the heartwarming image of the beloved Pope Francis standing before thousands of adoring worshipers in St. Peter’s Square as he and two young children let go peace doves? If those peace doves were immediately attacked by a black crow and a seagull and munched on like bagel bites in front of the children in what is surely a sign of the End Times.

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This is exactly what happened this past Sunday, signaling imminent return of The Beast and an ushering in of an apocalypse where all men must confront and do battle with actual demons during The Rapture. What could be more satanic than a black crow eating a dove in front of the Pope?

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Or! It was probably a signal to the Illuminati: the black crow biting a white dove! We all know what that implies. No really, do you guys know what that implies?

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Unless of course The Pope staged the whole thing Jimmy Kimmel style and just wanted to pull one over on everyone for a little extra views on the internets. Oh that Pope!

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Or! More than likely it was just a coincidence that The Pope let go some doves right in front of a crow. The doves lost a few feathers, but looks like they got away. But what do you think it means?

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