The Netherlands Brings The First Solar Power Generating Bike Lane To The World

No matter where you stand on the renewable energy debate, we can all agree that it would be nice if someone came up with a solution that would give us cheap, plentiful energy.  Part of the problem with ideas like solar energy is that those solar panels are so cumbersome and take up a lot of space but the Netherlands may have found a solution: turning a roadway into solar panels

Sidewalks that can power homes? What’s next? Cars that run on wind power? 

The suburbs of Krommenie and Wormerveer will unveil a stretch of road for bikers that has solar panels built into them. The pathway can handle up to 2,000 cyclists at once and provide solar power to nearby homes. They can only pick up 70 percent of the normal amount of solar energy because they are pointed in one direction but they still provide a good amount of power. You won’t even be able to notice that it’s there. The road is also covered with a non-adhesive finish and its slightly tilted so mud and water will wash off of it when it rains. 

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What if this works? What then? Have you thought about that?

Of course, if this new design is a big success, it will pave the way for other neighborhoods and communities to get similar solar panels installed on their block. This year also saw the launch of a similiar proposal in the United States called “Solar Roadways” (see video below) which aimed to turn all of the nations paved surfaces into solar panes. It’s so crazy… it might just work?

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