The Most Ridiculous Wedding DJ’s

Part of the fun of throwing a wedding is hiring a guy for a few hundred dollars a night who really wanted to work in radio but couldn’t stop blurting out the F word on the air. If you are lucky the wedding DJ will show up at your reception hall with either a trunk full of old rerecords, ready to break out “We Are Family” and “The Electric Slide” on his turntables. If you are unlucky you will get a guy who in-between practicing for his open mic night comedy gig will blast through his personal iPod Shuffle list of gangsta rap in front of Grandma.

Is everybody having a good time? Let’s get this party started up in here!

Getting a bad DJ can potentially ruin your special day. So why even bother hiring a wedding DJ in the first place? The whole party already costs thousands of dollars more than it should and this guy is probably going to end up hitting on the bridesmaids. Well, here are a few good reasons why having an insane wedding DJ is awesome. You will end up having a more entertaining wedding video that your friends will actually want to watch.

The DJ’s below might be bad, but here’s the ultimate wedding fail: Not entering to win a trip for four to Las Vegas including airfare and hotel accommodations for two nights. Click here to enter!   Brought to you by ‘The Wedding Ringer,’ in theaters Jan. 16th.



Crazy Old DJ Has His Own Personal Reception Party

[[contentId: 1880517| | size: 75]]

I don’t think the bride’s wedding dress is the only “white substance” floating around the dance floor.

Wild Russian Wedding DJ Dance Off

[[contentId: 2511455| | size: 75]]

We don’t know what he’ saying, but we are sure we would do the hand stand dance too if this guy was our wedding DJ.

Worst Wedding Band Of All Time

[[contentId: 2515028| | size: 75]]

OK, technically this isn’t a DJ, but if this was the music at your wedding you should immediately get a divorce.  The relationship has been hexed.

The Most Awkward Wedding Entrance

[[contentId: 2618116| | size: 75]]

Why do DJ’s insist on the wedding entrance? They are just forcing fails like this to happen.

Wedding DJ Insists On Singing The First Dance Song Herself

[[contentId: 2798022| | size: 75]]

Someone should have taken the microphone away from her, this is painful to watch. I actually feel bad for this couple who just want to have their first dance. The best part of this video is it was posted by a rival wedding DJ trying to shame a bad DJ.

What did the worst wedding DJ that you have ever seen do?