The Morning Wrap: July 9th

There’s no escaping it now, the week is underway and there’s a million things happening everywhere all the time.  Lucky for you we’re picking the choicest cuts of news filet mignon to lay out here in the Morning Wrap so you can keep abreast of the best of the best.

America Is Not The Fattest!

Long criticized for being the fattest nation on Earth by other nations that are less popular and need something to latch their insecurities on to, America now has one less thing for naysayers to make fun of as the title of “Fattest Nation” has been stolen out literally from under us, by Mexico.  70% of Mexican adults are classified as overweight and one in six have diabetes.  Also, according to this Daily Mail article, it’s in South America so it’s full of reliable facts!

Prison Protest

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Around 30,000 prisoners in California have gone on a hunger strike to protest prison policies of indefinite isolation.  Turns out you can be put in solitary confinement for decades if prisons suspect you of gang activity.  Hopefully no one tells these guys they’re in prison and no one out in the real world actually cares if they’re forced to stay in isolation as a result of continuing criminal activity behind bars. 

None of That Nun

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So nuns are probably decent people, right?  Wrong!  Well, this one nun isn’t and if you read one bad story about a group of people you start thinking all those people are bad, that’s how stereotypes work.  Anyway, Sister Mary Anne Rapp stole $128,000 from two churches to support her gambling addiction.  This tells you churches have a lot of money and nuns are bad gamblers.

Gross Fly Returns from Extinction

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Concerned with environmental news?  This one’s for you!  A species of fly thought to have gone extinct about 160 years ago has been found alive and well!  How precious.  The cute little fella is known as the bone skipper and they swarm over rotten corpses devouring flesh in advanced stages of decay.  So everyone’s super excited that they still exist because a dirty corpse-eating fly is something we need in the world.

Golden Corral PR in Action

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Remember yesterday’s Golden Corral video?  The restaurant chain fired the manager of the restaurant in question and released a statement saying that the food seen in the video was never served to customers and was by the dumpsters because it was being thrown out.  They also claimed the guy who filmed the video helped toss it and that, the next day, his dad tried to get $5000 for that video.  It’s all been a crazy misunderstanding!  Let’s do lunch at Golden Corral.  You buy.