The Morning Wrap: July 8th

It’s been a fun long weekend full of mirth and merriment for most of us and hopefully you got a chance to relax.  Now we’re back to the grind with a pantload of new news you can pass the time discussing with folks around the office or other people in line at the Golden Corral.

Golden Corral Catastrophe

Hey, what a great segue! Looks like Golden Coral, the buffet restaurant that gives you endless ribs, pot roast and meat loaf may also have horror on the menu.  Reddit was buzzing this weekend with not one but two front page posts depicting Golden Corral as a wasteland of unclean terror.  The first was a bit of undercover work about how Golden Corral allegedly stores “fresh” food outside during an inspection, including ribs and burgers, all piled next to the dumpster, and the second was just some pictures of the kitchen area.  Pictures like the one you see there.  It looks like the restaurant equivalent of North Korea.

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Tiger Trouble

Appreciate the timeline on this one.  Last Thursday in Indonesia, 6 men were out harvesting wood to make incense.  They had laid a trap to catch a deer for food and inadvertently caught a tiger cub.  That’s pretty sad, we don’t have enough tigers to spare in the world.  Full grown tigers agree with this sentiment as, attracted by the calls of the dying cub, attacked the 6 men.  5 made it up a tree to safety while the 6th was mauled to death.  Today, those 5 men are still in the tree.

On Saturday, a rescue team went into the jungle but won’t reach the men until about Wednesday because there are places in the world where a small army of tigers can keep you trapped in a tree for about a week.


The Stewardess and the Rat

An American Airlines flight attendant is suing her employer after coworkers accused her of smuggling a rat to work in her underwear.  Kind of want to just leave this story as is, that one sentence is just great.


Despicable Tonto

The box office took a round out of Johnny Depp this weekend as audiences decided that Pirates of the Caribbean on horses wasn’t something they wanted to see.  Despicable Me 2 opened at number one over the long weekend raking in over $142 million.  The Lone Ranger made a comparatively sad $48.9 million.  Considering the movie cost $250 million to make, that’s a rough hand to be dealt.  In other news, we live in a world where someone can waste $250 million on a film that people have a general disinterest in and no one really cares while about 50 million people in the US alone can’t afford adequate food.  Now Tonto makes you even more sad.