The Morning Wrap: July 3rd

Long weekend is almost here and we have no desire to send you into it with nothing to talk about besides your friends and family and their interests.  Man, that’d be dull.  Here’s the latest stuff buzzing around the internet.

The State Department Buys Facebook Likes

Everyone knows Facebook is a powerful social media tool because people like me write it online and you read it and assume it’s true despite your experience with Facebook just being invites to Farmtown and pictures of people you don’t like.  Because the Bureau of International Information Programs, which does God knows what, believes in the power of the social network, they spent $630,000 buying likes, which employees eventually complained about, because clearly it’s stupid.


6 Year Old Surfs the Freeway

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They do things differently in Alaska.  For instance, if your 6 year old climbs onto your luggage rack, you’ll still go for a drive when he’s up there.  Apparently the driver never noticed the boy, who stayed on the car for a solid 3 miles before flying off to suffer only mild cuts and bruises, but congrats to child and driver alike for being focused on a goal to the exclusion of all else.

JPII is Almost a Saint

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Remember Pope John Paul II?  Turns out the man was pretty much a saint.  Or he will be a saint, as soon as the Church agrees on what miracles he performed.  See, you need to perform some miracles while alive and at least one after death to become a saint in the Catholic religion and this might make you question why such a thing is necessary if such a thing would rely very heavily on faith and not require and proof at all but of course that’s a theological discussion we’re not going to have here.  Point is, he apparently cured a woman of Parkinson’s and now they’re deciding what his second miracle was. 

Hellboy 3 is coming! Maybe

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Remember the Hellboy movies?  Ron Perlman in awesome full body makeup, monsters and demons and Nazis and all kinds of other stuff, plus kittens and Jeffery Tambor?  And they were directed by the awesome Guillermo del Toro?  Well they may finally finish the story off with a 3rd movie, since the first two keep making it obvious that Hellboy’s original purpose was to show up on Earth and do awful, evil things to the world, but he became a superhero instead.  But probably his evil, tentacle Cthulu-looking daddy will have an issue with that. 

Del Toro and Perlman have mentioned it during some PR for the movie Pacific Rim so, ya know, that’d be cool.

Celebrate America with a Protest

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Turns out most of us still don’t like the government spying on us so a bunch of websites are organizing a big protest tomorrow.  In an event cleverly called Restore the 4th (it’s on the 4th of July and it’s about the 4th Amendment, get it?) you can check it out on sites like Mozilla, reddit, WordPress and others.  Call us cynical but since they technically were illegally spying on all of us to begin with, we’re not sure standing outside with signs asking them to stop will make a difference.  On the other hand if we bend over and take it, maybe we deserve what we get.

Check out the link and find out where a protest in your city is.  Don’t let the man run all over you.