The Morning Wrap: July 16th

You got through Monday, the hard part of your week is over.  Now to ease into routine like a warm bath.  Here’s the news that’ll get you through.

Stevie Wonder Boycotts Florida

Lots of people are unhappy with the George Zimmerman ruling and have protested and are still protesting, asking for reforms to the laws which allowed the situation to even take place.  While some celebrities have spoken out on the matter, Stevie Wonder is taking the step to avoid Florida altogether and any state that has a “Stand Your Ground” law.  That’s apparently 22 states and is somewhat limiting in the long run, though Wonder can probably afford to pick and choose his gigs at this point in his career.


Norwegian Neo-Nazi Death Metal Update

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Man, can a day go by without a story about those crazy Norwegian neo-Nazi Death Metal guys?  This time the lead singer of Burzum, who we’re pretty sure opened for Ace of Base once, was arrested in France because authoritiesbelieve he was planning a major terrorist act, which is to say he was a known fan of Anders Behring Breivik, that crazy guy who shot a bunch of people in Norway back in 2011, and had recently been amassing a weapons stockpile.  Oh, he’s also a convicted murderer. 


The Gathering of the Juggalos is Upon Us

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The Insane Clown Posse has released its 2013 informercial and it’s almost a half hour long.  To distill that down to an essential paragraph, all you need to know is that apparently ICP fans still enjoy putting on make up and drinking Faygo in the woods while bewildered journalists wander through and take photos.  Look for some on Buzzfeed soon.

Kanye West’s Shirt

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Kanye West, like anyone with a record deal, also designs clothes, which is to say someone makes clothes and then he’ll say something like “put sequins on it” and bam, he’s a designer.  His latest masterpiece is a $120 white cotton t-shirt with zero sequins or buttons or USB ports or wish-granting abilities.  It’s just a shirt like you could buy at Wal Mart in a 3-pack for about $10.  Only it costs 12 times more and somehow makes you look like a sucker.


Charles Ramsay is Homeless and Broke

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Remember Charles Ramsay?  He rose to prominence after helping to save the three kidnapped women in Cleveland a couple of months back.  Turns out he lost his job when people kept showing up to say hello to him and management got sick of it, and he says he was shamed out of his neighborhood by the rest of his neighbors who feel he exaggerated his role in saving the girls.  Nothing like taking the story of three girls saved from an insane rapist and making it about how you didn’t get enough credit for it, neighbors!

Apparently he made about $50,000 in the last two months as well but that money has gone the way of the Dodo and you can’t really blame him.  If he had a job and a house, he probably didn’t think he needed to save any sudden windfalls that came his way.