The Morning Wrap: July 15th Staff by Staff on Jul. 15, 2013

It’s been a pretty busy weekend but if you were relaxing and staying away from the internet and the 24 hour news networks, we got you covered with the big stories you need to know to start your week.

Zimmerman is Acquitted

Setting off protests around the country, most peaceful but some less so, George Zimmerman has been acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin.  In so many words, the jury believed that Zimmerman used acceptable force when defending himself against Trayvon Martin and that the boy had, in fact, assaulted Zimmerman.  Lots of people disagree and likely this case will be a contentious point on both sides of arguments about use of force, neighborhood watches, racial profiling and gun control for a long time to come. 

Naughty Roddy

Speaking of Zimmerman, Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White had something to say about the verdict.

Apparently Justice for Trayvon just meant the trial was supposed to find Zimmerman guilty and since it didn’t, we’re all entitled to be awful, awful people.

Casey Anthony is Pregnant?

In a story that can only serve to make you shake your head, another infamous would-be killer is back in the news.  Casey Anthony, who many believe was wrongfully acquitted of killing her own daughter, is pregnant.  Or is she?  Lots of people think she is even though it seems to be based on nothing more than Twitter rumors which are as reliable as everything else on Twitter.

Whether or not Anthony actually killed her daughter, it’s pretty indisputable she was a terrible mother given what came out at the trial and it’s also pretty clear that if some dude impregnated her he must have either been living under a rock or had a real thing for the ultimate crazy.  In any event, hope if it’s true, that kid sleeps with a nightlight and a lawyer’s number on speed dial.  But it’s probably not true.  So if people mention it to you, ask them where they read it.  If they say Twitter, you can laugh.


Corey Monteith is Dead

Corey Monteith, the 31 year old star of Glee, was found dead in a hotel room in Vancouver, British Columbia.  No cause of death has been released though most media outlets are quick to point out that Monteith himself was pretty open about his history of excessive drug use.  An autopsy is scheduled for today.

Despicable Me Rules Again

On Friday there was a lot of back and forth about what movie might win the box office this weekend – Grown Ups 2 or Pacific Rim.  Turns out Despicable Me 2 pulled in another $44.8 million this weekend while Grown Ups 2, the Adam Sandler travesty, made $42.5 million while Pacific Rim made $38 million.  Now here’s a question – no critics like Adam Sandler movies and most people online make fun of them, including former fans who feel his movies now are not as funny as his older films, so who the hell paid $42.5 million to see Grown Ups 2?  We may never know.  Incidentally, Pacific Rim was awesome.

Mr_Tideman User

When karma catches up to Casey Anthony, I wouldn't want to be in the same area code.

schlock1977 User

If you have a brain the only story listed here you should give two shits about is the Despicable me movie.........The rest is useless crap that we have no right to give any consideration to.  If the first stories have any effect on your, you need a life.

Nate-John-870 User

Now if only the rest of the cast of glee would die, society could get back on the path of expanding our intelligence

Hed_Jed User

How about "this is the end".  Pretty funny movie.

YayImFirst User

If someone says something funny or interesting, ask them for a source.  If their source is Break, punch that person in the face.

Rat-eye User

I see from other news they are on heightened alert in Los Angeles. Can't we all just get along ?

jbart321 User

If Zimmerman killed a white kid, this wouldn't have been news.


Casey Anthony hired George Zimmerman to kill Corey Monteith because he was going to reveal the her pregnancy as the result of an orgy  with Despicable Me 2's Minions.


@Hed_Jed dude that movie was shitty, the only cool thing about it is that it had cool actors in it, I shit out a better movie this morning

Fortey User

@prankcaller sorry no one could arrange the news to happen in a more patterned fashion


@jbart321 You're wrong because he is PERUVIAN, sure he is half white, but white in any mixed race isn't how people refer to them, just like Barrack Obama is black Halle Berry is black, BOB Marley is black, Tiger Woods is black, Dwayne "the rock" johnsen is Samoan, I could go on and on, but it was said that he was white ONLY by the people that want to stir up racial tensions, guess what, THE RICH AND POWERFUL USE RACISM TO GET POOR PEOPLE TO HATE EACH OTHER, RATHER THAN HATE THEM FOR TAKING MOST OF THE PIE AND OPPRESSING THE POOR NO MATTER WHAT COLOR, WAKE UP PEOPLE


@jbart321 How bout the fact that the only one who said anything actually racist was treyvon... Unless you listened to MSNBC's doctored clip of Zimmerman... This whole thing was blown out of proportions.

Bullistic User

@jbart321 if he killed him with a knife it wouldn't have been in the news