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A Faustian bargain is a fascinating concept, and one that has been the basis of countless books, films, paintings, TV shows, etc. The term derives from the character of Faust, who sells his soul to the devil for a reward. Spoiler alert: those things never end well. Seriously, who the hell ever got the better deal when making a pact with the devil? Anyway, seminal literary figures like Christopher Marlowe and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe have tackled the story, but despite their talents with the pen, they will never have people googling pictures of their respective sex tapes. Mimi Faust on the other hand might well have taken on a true Faustian bargain. Her sex tape seemed to have been created as a publicity stunt and to attract attention to her, and in that sense it has worked. Is she more famous now than she was before it was released? Yes. We will try to save you the holier than thou rant, but the simple fact is that Kim Kardashian and by extension the entire Kardashian clan of buffoons owe their fame to Kim having made a sex tape. Before the sex tape she was just a big butted member of Paris Hilton’s posse, and afterwards she was a star. It worked. So Mimi Faust figures “hey, why not steal a page from Kim’s playbook and nab me someone like a Kanye.” She already has a kid with a far lesser known musician named Stevie J, so somehow her plan must have made sense to her. Then again, this is not a woman who likely knows what a Faustian bargain actually is. Enough of the moralizing for now. Let’s get to why we are here.


Tracking down some sex tapes can be like finding a needle in a haystick. Mimi’s though was more like ten million needles with one piece of hay. However, it quickly became difficult to track down without paying for it. You can still see some of the key moments for free, and they are quite graphic indeed, by clicking here.

mimi faust and nikko smith kissing on bed

If you want to see the whole thing, you will probably have to pay Vivid

The tape itself has the dubious distinction of being the most pirated sex tape of all time, at least according to those bastions of good taste at Vivid Entertainment. Pre-sales reached over $400,000 and within a day of its official release, Vivid had sent over 1200 cease and desist letters to websites who were offering it. Vivid’s head, Steve Hirsch, said that “If you even try to illegally download this tape we will come after you full force. We have three full-time attorneys prepared and ready to go.” Anyone who wonders why the American legal system is ridiculous need only reread that sentence to get an answer. Keep in mind that most pirated doesn’t mean most viewed or most sexy or most dirty or most anything. It’s more a reflection of how many websites like to tease people with sex tapes.


According to this description from the Vivid website “You’ve seen all the Internet memes. You watched Twitter and Facebook blow up all week long. You witnessed shower rods being punished. What other wild and crazy antics will come out of the Mimi and Nikko sex tape. It’s the story that the gossip sites can’t get enough of. We can’t say how we got it, but it’s Mimi and Nikko at their most intimate. This is some crazy hot shower rod destroying sex in the bathroom. You’ll want to see why the home improvement stores can’t seem to keep shower rods in stock. You always knew they had chemistry.. and now we’ve got the tape to prove it.”

mimi faust and nikko smith more shower

Yep, “crazy hot shower rod destroying sex in the bathroom.” You know, kind of like Romeo and Juliet minus the tenderness, romance, class or sophistication.


If your answer is because she thought it was a romantic way to show her love for her man, you are probably completely off base. It seems pretty clear that it was for the money and inherent attention. She claims she was “horrified” that it ended up getting released -this despite the fact the she and co-star Nikko Smith each received $100,000 for their participation.


Mimi said that “First of all, we’re adults. We’re not kids. We’re not underaged. So what we did as two consenting adults in the privacy of our home is what we did. The way the tape got out, we didn’t intend for this to get out to the public. Especially, for it to be splashed all over the Internet. So that…I’m horrified about that. I have young girls now, even my nieces and my nephews like ‘Oh, my God Aunty…,’ so I also have to deal with that. One day I have to explain this to my daughter, of course but we’re two consenting adults and we didn’t do anything wrong.”

Is she telling the truth? Maybe. Maybe not. She did though have this to add about the now legendary shower rod. “We decided to take a shower and I grabbed on to it to get a little more leverage. What y’all got to understand is, it’s not just the rod. Your partner has to be able to support your weight, ladies. I wasn’t just swinging from the rod by myself, he was holding me.”


Mimi is one of the stars of VH1’s reality series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” which follows several woman with a connection to the musical genre. Mimi has a child, Eve, with Stevie J., the Grammy winning producer who has worked with stars like Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs and Eve.

There isn’t too much biographical information available about her, which makes sense because she isn’t exactly a candidate for a Nobel Prize in literature. The very brief bio on her website states ”Torn away from her mother at the age of 13, Mimi quickly learned to be self-reliant and enterprising. That spirit drove her to find her father, an artist from upstate New York and foster a relationship with him.  Through their connection Mimi learned that she had inherited artistic tastes and creative influences.”

mimi faust

It also mentions, in an incredibly poorly written paragraph that “She has partnered to develop several brands that she is currently conceptualizing, which is a children’s fashion line inspired by her daughter and designing a home line to incorporate with her 12 year estate & commercial cleaning service, which is currently being restructured and will re-open fall 2013.” Nowhere in her bio does it mention her sex tape or the fact that shower rods and Mimi Faust will be forever linked.

One more fun tidbit from her website: it mentions that she is a “Fashion Icon” and that she is “always the blueprint for high fashion and style.” Especially for high fashion and style involving sex in a shower with a dude who came in 9th place on Season 4 of “American Idol.”


Not surprisingly, there have been a lot of people chiming in on the tape, with very few having supportive things to say. Comedian and radio host Steve Harvey had this to say, and he likely spoke for many others as well with his condemnation. “You can’t have a child and make decisions based on just you and every mother understands that. There’s not a single mother out here that don’t understand the sacrifices that have to be made as a single mother and the things you got to give up of yourself to provide for your children. So when you’re making these decisions out here, that you’re going to make a sex tape or you gon’ get involved in the sex industry, stop thinking about right now, whatever little momentary five minutes of fame and little piece of little change they going to put in your pocket.”

mimi faust in the car

Yeah, so basically, he thinks she’s an idiot. He continued by saying “Because whatever money they put in your pocket, it ain’t going to be worth the hell that comes with it. It’s not going to be worth your reputation. It ain’t going to be worth your image. It ain’t gonna be worth nothing as it lives in cyberspace forever. Yeah, ya’ll got something else to worry about now that we didn’t have to worry about then. It’s called the Internet. The Internet has become a playground for evildoers.”

The Internet is a playground for evildoers? Is that why there’s a big swing set on it that keeps throwing children off?  Or why there’s a jungle gym that has actual man eating tigers on it, lying in wait to nibble on a toddler’s nose?

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