There’s A ‘Making Of’ Video For Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”, Because You Need More

If you were a fan of Nicki Minaj’s latest music video “Anaconda” (and let’s face it, why wouldn’t you be), here’s the behind the scenes tour from the vlog documenting that insanity. My favorite part might be seeing Nicki Minaj booze it up before giving Drake a lapdance. Enjoy!

It kind of amazes me how much work goes into this sort of thing, but having come from a production background and seeing that the video has a total of 6 “scenes,” one having not been included in the official video, I’m not all that surprised. That’s me trying to spin some sort of class on this thing, when really I’m mainly surprised that Minaj slapping her vagina to the beat in the jungle scene didn’t make the cut either. Shame, really. That moment could’ve won her a balcony seat at the Kennedy Center Honors.

via Smash

In case you missed the official “Anaconda” video, it would be a sin for me to not share it with you now. Come to think of it, let’s watch it together. I could use another round.

That is really something else.

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