The Lottery Is A Secret Government Kickstarter


In America the two largest lottery games are Powerball and Mega-Millions. These games have jackpots that grow and grow sometimes eclipsing the $300 million dollar mark.

It’s a tasty idea to pay $10 for a chance at winning 30,000,000x that, but don’t do it. It’s a scam, and you’re unknowingly funding government projects and helping pull the wealthy out of debt. The Lottery is a secret Kickstarter for our government.



Pretend we’re best friends.

ME: If you give me $10 I’ll let you guess what numbers I’m thinking of.
YOU: Ok. Here. (gives me $10) Is it 5, 8, 22, 14, and 6?
ME: Nope! Give me $10 and you can guess again.
YOU: Fuck you.
That’s The Lottery!

But, that might seem a bit obvious, and what’s wrong with people having a bit of fun, having hope?


Well, I’m all for fun and hope, but it’s also RIGGED! — I know, I know, that term ‘rigged’ is being used everywhere right now for a lot of things, but there’s no better word to describe it. Trust me, I checked a thesaurus —



Watch this video:

Here’s what they’re doing: 

They have close-up footage of every ball so that whenever they need to announce the winning numbers “LIVE” they can cut to that footage, and from the wide you can’t tell what the number’s actually are.

This is why the woman in the video looked so shaken by the mistake. She knows that the numbers were preselected, and the footage is being edited together to make it seem “LIVE” when actually the government selected a numerical order that was not on any winning tickets that night. 

Because the government knows that those numbers were not on any purchased tickets they can raise the winning amount over and over, day after day, until finally paying themselves a hefty amount through taxation. TA-DA!!!!!!! 



On January 13, 2016 the largest Lottery jackpot ever. $1.5 Billion dollars. Making it also the largest self-paying pay day for the government.

Every lottery winner has to pay a federal income tax of 25%, BUT jackpots this large are taxed at 39.6%.

That means the government paid itself $368 million dollars!
The timing of this enormous jackpot is what’s interesting.
Here’s a timeline of government events leading up to January 13th.
  • September 28 – NASA announces that liquid water has been found on Mars.

  • October 4 The Powerball odd changed so it’s harder to win the jackpot. Powerball switched to having players choose 5 numbers from 69 numbers, rather than 5 out of 59 numbers.

  • November 30 – The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21) is held in Paris, attended by leaders from 147 nations.

  • December 12 – The Paris Agreement, a global climate change pact is agreed at the COP 21 summit, committing all countries including the US and China to reduce carbon emissions.

  • December 22 – SpaceX lands a Falcon 9 rocket, the first reusable rocket to successfully enter orbital space and return.

  • January 13 — Powerball sets a $1.5 billion dollar record



We are in a global environmental crisis that our economy cannot afford to fix.

America owes China $1.185 trillion. That’s T-R-I-L-LION.

When China and America both signed the Paris Agreement vowing to slow global warming we also unceremoniously signed an unwritten agreement to help pay for China’s restructuring of their current way of life through paying off our debt to them.

We can’t pay China, pay for our own part of the Paris Agreement, and maintain a stable economy. There isn’t enough jobs or economic stimulus for it.

So, what better way to jump start the economy, and bank away a bit of the hard-working citizens of America’s money than to create the largest Powerball jackpot of all time. Let us citizens pay one lucky person millions of dollars, and the government reaps the benefits.

Now, equally as important is why September 28th and December 22nd are significant dates. 


I think that we’re in a space race to colonize Mars, and one way our government thinks we can get out of debt, restructure our economy, and start fresh is by being the first people to live there.

We want to move in, set-up shop, and start fresh on a new planet. Plus, we’ll hold all the cards, and be able to leverage whatever we want with other countries for them to be allowed to join us. 

And, what better way than to let the American people unknowingly pay for it by guessing the winning numbers will be 33-1-28-14-2-57 and 9.