The Last 5 People Born In The 1800’s

There are only five known people left who were born in the 19th century; making them all at least 115 years old. One hundred and fifteen years of history is a lot of time to see no matter when you were born.  However to witness ALL of the Twentieth Century with your own eyes, arguably one of the most profound times of change and innovation for human civilization, is incredible. These five women saw the advent of human flight, World War I, World War II, the invention of television, Man landing on the moon, the birth of the Internet and naked Instagram selfies.  To give you an idea of how old they are; they were in their 70’s in the 1970’s. For some reason this list keeps getting smaller, so hopefully by the time you read this, these will still be the five last people from the 1800’s.

Would you want to live as long as they have? What year would it be if you make it to the age of 115?

1.  115-Year-Old Susannah Mushatt Jones From United States

“If I could have one wish on my 115th birthday it would be for people to stop asking me to tell them their fortune.”

DOB:July 6, 1899

2.  116-Year-Old Misao Okawa From Japan: *World’s Oldest Living Person

“I waited 116 years for this tiny ass cake? Where are the booze and boys?”

DOB: March 5, 1898

3.  116-Year-Old Gertrude Weaver, From United States: *The Second-Oldest Person In The World And The Oldest Person In America

“Am I the number one oldest yet? Hurry up!”

DOB: July 4, 1898

4.  115-Year-Old Emma Morano From Italy: *The Oldest Person In Europe

“What time do we start drinking?  I’m kind of in a hurry.”

DOB:  November 29, 1899

5.  115-Year-Old Jeralean Talley From United States 

“No I do not have “resting bitch face!” I’m 115!”

DOB: May 23, 1899

Source: Atchuup

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