The iPhone 6 Is Quite Flexible… Literally

Every time a new iPhone comes out, there’s always a problem. Usually, it’s something that you’d expect from a cell phone, such as dropping phone calls or short battery life. However, the least you can expect from a new phone is that it retain its shape. The new iPhone 6 seems to have a problem with that.

There are reports popping up all over the Internet that the iPhone 6 is literally bending after people put it in their pockets. Just like all the new iPhones released in the past, Apple made the new phone wider and thinner, because one day, they want everyone to own a phone that’s the exact same width and length as a ski.

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The problem is that the new phone is so wide and so thin that when people put it in their pockets, and if their pants are tight enough, they actually bend the thing over time. Several testers on the Internet have done bend tests on the phone, and they found they can actually just bend the thing with their bare hands, which is great if you want a phone that makes you think you’re a circus strongman.

The good news is that Apple acknowledged the problem and vowed to replace any bent phones with new ones. But why would you want to? This is a great feature. Apple create the world’s first smart flip phone! (Source)