The Internet Is 25 Today! 9 Ways Robots Will Enslave the Earth Using The Web

1. Connected computers will create a Super A.I.

Human brains are made up of 100 billion neurons. What happens if 100 billion computers are connected to each other?  Today there are about 8.7 billion Internet devices in the world. So we’ll have to wait to find out.

2. The internet will pit one side of the population against each other.

Humanity is often divided. One side thinks they’re one hundred percent right, and the other side thinks they’re one hundred percent right too. If a super intelligent computer wanted to pit one side against the other, feeding us the emotionally charged information we want to hear could set off a powder keg of bad will. Many wars have started under false pretenses, and a Super A.I. would know exactly how to do it.

3. Internet Addiction.

We need the Internet. Bad. It’s the first thing we see on our smartphones when we open our eyes in the morning and the last thing we see before we close them at night. All day long we constantly feed more dopamine enhancing stimuli into our brains as we continue to click. We’re addicts. Everyone knows an addict can be controlled by their addiction. Would a Super A.I. be able to control our behavior to its own ends by manipulating that addiction? WILL IT?!

4. Apps control Our Movement.

Waze. We all love it, we all use it. If not Waze then one of the many other navigation apps on the market. The apps have nearly perfect maps of our cities and country roads, they know exactly where we are, how fast we’re moving and where we’re going. It’s a lot of power we’re handing over to hopefully a non-sentient entity connected to the Internet. Hopefully, that entity stays non sentient. Hopefully. 

5. App Spying.

Have you ever heard of Uber? Of course you have. Did you know Uber has something called a “God View”? Did you know a lot of apps have a “God View”? What is a “God View”? It’s a feature in your app that allows the company to track your whereabouts at all times. With a feature like this it wouldn’t be hard for a person, or an evil killer robot, to track you down for termination.

6. Automated cars

Automated cars are the future. Uber’s recent purchase of Otto, a company focusing on autonomous car production, is an example of the already driving force toward that future.  Internet-connected car systems have been hacked in the past, and have even been the plot line for several TV shows and movies. What happens when not only the car systems can be hacked, but the actual car itself? If you’re not in control of who drives your car, then who is? Billions of people drive every day. If you wanted to eliminate half of those people, several billion car crashes would just about do it.

7. Stop Learning, Just Google it.

Learning is hard and you shouldn’t do it. That’s what our future robot overlords want you to think anyway. With Google, or any of the other search engines out there, it’s becoming less and less necessary to actually know things.  Why would you need to know anything when you can just type “anything” into google and get exactly the information you need? Socrates said that books would create forgetfulness, that if we write everything down we won’t need to remember anything. He was being a little melodramatic then, but now? With literally all human knowledge in the palm of our hands, why learn anything?  With a dumb population taking in only the information provided, well, the kill robots will be able to manipulate us as easily as we search Google.

8. Future Cyborg Humans

In the future, we’ll all be part human and part machine. We already are in some ways. Pacemakers, dialysis machines, robot arms and legs, hearing aids. Not to mention the smartphones that are plugged into our hands at all times. In this weird but kind of awesome future when we’re all human-machine people, how easily will it be to hack one of us over the Internet?

9. Mind Control

mind control will be real

One of the inevitable futures is having our favorite technology, the smartphone, become part of us entirely. Computers will one day be inside our own brains to provide extra memory space as well as provide humans with new ways of interacting with each other. With this new technology comes new-potential for hacking. And if we literally have computers in our brains, a person or Super A.I. could easily use the Internet to hack into our brains to control our every move.