“The Human Centipede Part 3” Full Plot And Release Date Announced

The 2009 horror film “The Human Centipede: First Sequence” written and directed by Tom Six brought the concept of sewing people ass to mouth, creating one digestive tract for a group of victims to the forefront of pop culture. It was the cinematic equivalent of the viral scat video “Two Girls One Cup” gushing its way into the larger public consciousness if everyone liked it or not.

“Feeeed Her!” -Still from “THC3as the kids are calling it.

Dieter Laser played a role he was born for; Dr. Heiter, a Nazi like scientist hell bent on creating a Human Centipede. In the more brutally graphic sequel, “The Human Centipede: Full Sequence” Laurence R. Harvey played Martin a man in “real life” who was inspired by the sick first film to create an even larger human centipede. Now both of these actors will be united, playing new roles in the 3rd installment of the Human Centipede Trilogy, “The Human Centipede: Final Sequence.” I’d say it’s like Twilight for perverts and sickos, but Twilight is Twilight for perverts and sickos. In this film a 500 person centipede is sewn together.

While the first film was “100 Percent Medically Accurate” and the second film was “100 Percent Medically Inaccurate,” the third film is “100 Percent Politically Incorrect.” Which sounds about right by listening to this sound clip:

Here is the full plot synopsis from director, Tom Six:

“Bully prison warden Bill Boss (Dieter Laser), leading a big state prison in the US of A, has a lot of problems; his prison statistically has the highest amount of prison riots, medical costs and staff turnover in the country. But foremost he is unable to get the respect he thinks he deserves from his inmates and the state Governor (Eric Roberts). He constantly fails in experimenting with different ideas for the ideal punishment to get the inmates in line, which drives him, together with the sizzling heat, completely insane.

Under threats of termination by the Governor, his loyal right hand man Dwight (Laurence R Harvey) comes up with a brilliant idea. A revolutionary idea which could change the American prison system for good and save billions of dollars. An idea based on the notorious ‘Human Centipede’ movies, that will literally and figuratively get the inmates on their knees, creating the ultimate punishment and deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime. Having nothing to lose, Bill and Dwight create a jaw-dropping 500-person prison centipede.”


Those of you excited to see the dramatic conclusion of The Human Centipede Trilogy only have to wait until May 22nd when it will be released on VOD.  

Will you be watching the “The Human Centipede Part 3?” Will you watch it while eating?

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Source: Entertainment Weekly