The Hottest Twin Alive: Brittany Daniel

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Brittany Daniel is best known as Jessica Wakefield on the UPN syndicated teen drama “Sweet Valley High” and for her work in “The Game,” a half hour comedy-drama series for CW and BET.  Brittany is also one half of the “Doublemint twins” along with her twin sister, Cynthia. In addition to appearing in the Doublemint gum commercial that’s famous for featuring twins, the Daniel sisters modeled for the Ford Modeling Agency when they were teens. 

Brittany and Cynthia Daniel in the Doublemint commercial when they were 14 years old:

Since the twins’ height at 5’7 was considered too short for runway work, they move to Hollywood to pursue acting after graduating from high school.  In 1994, they were cast as twin sisters Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield on “Sweet Valley High.”  After the show ended, Brittany continued doing various TV and film work.  Cynthia retired from acting in 2002 and began pursuing a career as a photographer.  In 2006, Brittany landed her well-known role of Kelly Pitts in “The Game.”  Throughout her career, Brittany’s All-American looks in addition to her lean physique have earned her a slew of admirers, many who wonder if there’s any video of Brittany Daniel naked.

Brittany can play either a mean-spirited snob or a sexy seductress. Here we get to see her comedic side in “Little Man”:


Brittany was born March 17, 1976 in Gainesville, Florida, five minutes before Cynthia.  They have an older brother, Brad and their parents are Carolyn and C. B. Daniel.

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The twins started modeling for the Ford Agency when they were age 11 and appeared in teen magazines, Seventeen and YM in addition to being featured as the Doublemint Twins.  Brittany started acting in the 1989 on the sitcom “The New Leave It to Beaver” and in 1992 when she was sixteen, she moved to New York to film the short-lived syndicated teen series, “Swan’s Crossing.”  After high school, both Brittany and Cynthia moved to Los Angeles where they were cast in their respective roles in “Sweet Valley High.”  Brittany played mean twin Jessica and Cynthia portrayed bookish twin Elizabeth.  In 1995, they both made their feature film debut in “The Basketball Diaries” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. 

The sisters in real life and in probably every man’s fantasy:

daniel twins

After Sweet Valley High was canceled in 1997, Brittany appeared on Dawson’s Creek in 1999 as temptress Eve Whitman and in 2000, she starred in “On Hostile Ground,” a TV movie for TBS.  Brittany played David Spade’s love interest in the 2001 comedy, “Joe Dirt” and in 2002, she was cast as a lead in “That ’80s Show,” a short-lived spin-off of “That ’70s Show.” One of Brittany’s most memorable TV roles is in five episodes of the FX show, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” as Carmen, a transsexual.  Brittany then worked with the Wayans Brothers in two of their films; “White Chicks” in 2004 and “Little Man” in 2006. 

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Also in 2006, she was in the VH1 TV movie “Totally Awesome” which parodied ‘80s movies.  She also appeared in “The Hamiltons,” an independent horror film.  Brittany then landed a lead role in “The Game” in 2006 about wives of pro football players.  She left the show in 2011 just before the show moved from the CW Network to cable channel BET.  There was much online speculation as to why Brittany left especially after she did a November 2010 interview with Vibe Magazine discussing how she felt when her character was reduced from a series regular to a recurring character.  Brittany said, “I wasn’t happy about it. I wanted to do all the episodes but I think it was a financial thing.” 

It became clear in a March 2014 People Magazine that the reason Brittany left “The Game” is because she was battling stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of blood cancer.  She received the diagnosis after feeling “excruciating back pain,” and experiencing symptoms like night sweats and flu-like symptoms in 2011.

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 After being diagnosed, Brittany immediately started chemotherapy and moved with her mother into Cynthia’s guest house.  Brittany said, “I feel like there is no way I would have ever gotten through this without my family. When I found out I had cancer, my mom was the hugest support for me.  She flew out and she was my rock and my sister, well, she’s amazing; she took me into her home and I ended up staying at my sister’s house.”  She added, “My family is everything to me I feel like they saw me through this and going through this experience just made me realize that family is everything. I mean, I’ve always been very close with my family but it made me realize that I absolutely want to have my own family and you just can’t go through something like this without your friends and family.”  Brittany has fully recovered and is currently cured of the lymphoma.  She also plans on returning to the “The Game.”


brittany daniel on its always sunny in philadelphia

In 2006, Brittany appeared nude when she played psychiatrist Samantha Stone in “Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders,” a direct-to-video film about the Hillside Strangler murders.  According to the Mr. Skin website, Brittany can be seen in various forms of nudity in six different ways. Mostly it’s her breasts that can be seen; in a sex scene, in a ménage a trois, in a bathtub, from a down blouse angle and in a photograph.  Her backside can also be seen when she gets up from the ménage and walks away.  As with many actresses, there are photoshopped fakes of Brittany floating on the web but the only nudity she’s done is in “Rampage.” 

brittany daniel's butt in rampage

There’s even a website called “Brittany Daniel nude” but clicking on the links will just take you to a paid adult site.  Perhaps it’s a sign of success and a sign of the times when these sites use your name to lure people to their adult content site.  Whatever it does mean, don’t get fooled by phony domain names.

Brittany’s fans can also enjoy this photo collection: