The Harlem Shake and 7 Other Geographical Mistakes

The Harlem Shake has been swallowed by the very tide that created it, returned to the ether of bad ideas, inexplicable fads and terrible memes we’ll reflect on next December when we do our “remember this?” roundup.  But it was not alone!  It comes from a long line of geography-themed bad ideas, things named after places that are better left forgotten.  Let’s remember them!

Cleveland Steamer

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The most infamous unsexy sexual maneuver ever named after a town in Ohio (except for our next entry), the Cleveland Steamer hopefully has never been actually performed by any loving couple and remains only the stuff of Seth Rogen comedies and unseemly websites like this one.  We’re not even going to describe it, you have Google.

Cincinnati Bowtie

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No one besides Screech from Saved by the Bell would ever do something like this.  Not really.

Vegas Wives

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Ahh, the Vegas wife.  Homer Simpson had one, Stu got one in the first Hangover movie and there’s a chance you’ll get one too if you have a decent bank roll and are prone to poor decision making and black outs when you drink.  Only go to Vegas with someone you trust, kids!

Jersey Shore

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MTV finally cancelled this after years of wringing every sub-human penny from the greasy, booze-soaked hides of the may-as-well-have-been-inflatable cast members.  Then they gave the worst one a spin off because modern TV likes to make you hate watching TV rather than enjoy it.

Montreal Expos

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Once upon a time, Canada was allowed to play at being sporting.  They tricked the professional leagues into letting them in because of hockey, and then they gave the world the Expos because french canadians and baseball go together like French Canadians and just about anything. Also, their stadium fell down.

Tokyo Drift

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Brought to you by the producers of the fastest and furiousest franchise in film, this paticular installment tried to convince you people in souped up Hondas really did this when we all know no one has ever Tokyo Drifted a damn thing ever.

Jason London

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Star of Dazed and Confused (which came out in 1993, in case you forgot) Jason London is currently best known for recently getting into a bar fight and being beaten mercilessly before being arrested and crapping his pants, on purpose, in the back of the car.  Allegedly.