6 Sports Upsets Bigger Than Holm Beating Rousey!

ronda whooped

The recent shocking upset victory of Holly Holm dismantling overwhelming favorite Ronda Rousey has been called the biggest in UFC history. That would mean more if UFC’s history wasn’t about 20 minutes long. It does though make our list of some of sport’s greatest upsets.

Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson

Tyson was clearly out of shape and not as hungry (for ears or otherwise) as he had been, but literally no one saw this one coming.

1985’s Villanova Wildcats trouncing Georgetown

Villanova wasn’t even said to be a top 20 team, and this scrappy team took on the behemoths of Georgetown led by Patrick Ewing.

1980’s Miracle on Ice

At the peak of the cold war, for this young team of Americans to defeat the feared and seemingly far better conditioned Soviets remains an unforgettable moment.

1969’s Jets beats the Colts to take Super Bowl

The Super Bowl wasn’t nearly as huge of an event, but it was a big deal of course. The David-like Jets had their hero in Joe Namath, and his promise to defeat these Goliaths made the upset even more memorable.

Ronda Rousey gets pummeled by Holly Holm

Face it, even if you never had heard of Holly Holm until this fight, it’s still a great story. Also, if you really hated those entitled morons from “Entourage” as much as we do, you’ll be glad that Turtle is sad that his girlfriend got whooped.

1990 Reds beat the A’s in World Series

This A’s team was back in its third straight series and looked unbeatable. The underdog Reds swept them and their steroid-infused bash brothers all the way home.

1950: US beats England in World Cup

This one is truly jaw dropping as even today soccer isn’t half as big of a deal domestically as it is in Europe. Imagine how few Americans were playing competitively back then….and then factor in that the US team had dropped their last seven matches by a total of 43 goals.

There are course many other legendary upsets in sports history. Tell us some of your favorites in the comments section below.