Here are 5 Of The Greatest Best Man Speeches Ever In Recorded History



Being the Best Man at a wedding is a huge responsibility. There’s planning the bachelor party. There’s not losing the ring during the ceremony. There’s also the big speech one must give during the reception. Frankly, most people hate to give speeches so it’s the certain few in recorded history that makes the job that much harder for the rest of us by pulling off some epic Best Man speeches ever.

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Here are five selections from some real pros on how to give a solid Best Man speech. And since we’re Break, solid can also mean

5. When in doubt, use technology to give your speech for you.

This guy nails it by giving one of the more original speeches ever. Playing as if he lost his hand-written speech, he starts to have a conversation with Siri from his phone, relaying everything one would normally say in a speech by saying it to Siri who he hopes will help him find a better speech online.

4. Take your speech to the next level by making an adventure film.

Best Men have done the whole “I’ve lost my speech” routine before, but these brothers see it through by adding an adventure film into the mix showing their journey to find it. Impressive that they not only spent money on the shoot, but also money on an extended tux rental.

3. Don’t let someone’s puke upstage your speech.

Whatever thoughtful thing this guy had to say to his friend on his wedding day has been totally upstaged by this drunk girl’s intolerance to copious amounts of alcohol. At least we assume it wasn’t food poisoning. Extra points go to the wedding videographer for showing off their editing prowess by replaying the moment over…and over…and over.

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2. Drop your pants, let the crowd do the rest.

Much like a drunk person puking next to you, your pants falling mid-speech is one other way to top anything you could’ve possibly said. Add a drunk woman falling on the stairs, you have yourself a complete train wreck. A memorable train wreck.

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1. Why give a speech when you can create an 80’s-style music video.

Sure, it’s easy to just write up some words or sing a song, but try coming up with a full fledged musc video in the style of 80’s techno complete with sets and costumes. Well done, fellas. Well done.

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