The Government Will Pay You to Live In A Haunted Ghost Town

Instead of shelling out money for a brand new house or another overpriced McMansion, why not take a peak in the historical housing market? And by historic, I mean ancient and abandoned. 

Take, for instance, the tiny town of Garnet, Montana, an abandoned mining town that’s now become one of the state’s and the nation’s most famous ghost towns. It’s one of the greatest financial deal in the history of the housing market. Not only is it completely free of charge to move in but the federal government will pay your expenses to live there. 

The town got its start in the later part of the 19th century thanks to a mining boom but when the mines’ gold and silver reserves were picked clean, the town lost its only source of income and the population fled for greener pastures. These days, it’s owned by the US Bureau of Land Management as a historic tourist destination and run by volunteers who live and work there full-time. 

So what’s the catch besides not having access to electricity, running water or a Starbucks (yet)? Well, according to some of the locals, the term “ghost town” refers to more than just its living population. A resident of the Montana Historical Society claims that the town is inhabited by restless spirits who are known to play piano keys and let their voices echo in the empty rooms in the middle of the night. Some even claimed that they saw ghostly figures dressed in period fashions dancing in the abandoned houses and footprints in the snow that led into empty buildings.

So does the government’s deal also include some kind of special reimbursement plan for clean underpants? 

Source: Examiner