Is This Photographic Proof That The Goatman Is Back? Looks Like It!

an artist's rendering of the Goatman

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Over the years, we’ve all heard tales of a Goatman wandering around North America. We’ve even seen some pictures.

Well, looks like the Goatman is making a comeback, as he is now resurfacing all over God’s Green Internet…

Check this out:

  • The Goatman is a half-goat, half-man mixture.
  • For decades, he has been an urban legend, like Big Foot and landing on the moon.
  • There have been photos to accompany these stories and now he has appeared again.
  • Maryland and Kentucky, to be exact.
  • Cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman, had this to say about the Goatman:
  • “There are always ‘new’ Internet-generated reports of dogmen, goatmen and similar creatures. In general, they are not new, but merely recycled.”
  • Yes, a Cryptozoologist is a real job

a cryptozoology logo

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  • It is someone who searches for animals that have an unproven existence thus far.
  • They are also dudes with no girlfriends
  • So how did the Goatman come into existence?
  • Supposedly, he was an experiement from a scientist trying to make… well, a Goatman.

A statue of a Goatman.

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  • According to legend, the creature escaped in 1957 and went on a killing spree in Maryland.
  • Maybe…
  • There have been books written about him and movies in the works about him…

A funny Goatman GIF

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a picture of the Jersey Devil in flight

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  • Some online have recalled the alleged sighting of the Jersey Devil again a few weeks ago.
  • You know what would be awesome?
  • A Goatman from New Jersey. That’d be so awesome.

Source: Huffington Post