The ‘Foodini’ Is A New Printer For Food; No, Really

There’s a weird revolution going on in the tech industry thanks to the MakerBot, a revolutionary printer that can make, well, just about anything you want. Yes, even THAT. Don’t act like you weren’t thinking about something naughty just now. Other companies have expanded on this idea and one created something called the Foodini that prints all kinds of edible creations

Food printer or hollowed out iMac? You decide. 

The printer uses the same technology as MakerBot printers except it spits out edible ingredients instead of strings of plastic that can be molded into carefully designed objects. It also can print a wide variety of meals such as simple lunches like pizza, multi-course meals like ravioli with different kinds of fillings and even desserts like homemade chocolate. Of course, the machine can’t just make the foods appear out of thin air like one of those food replication machines from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The user has to feed fresh ingredients into the machine in order for it to make them and the machine’s creators are hoping that this will encourage people to eat healthier by making foods with natural, healthy ingredients easier to prepare. 

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A printer that makes pizza sounds like something dreamed up by someone who was really stoned at work.

Yeah, right. You just wait until the public gets a hold of this technology. We just know that someone is going to use it to make Cheeto filled ravoli or a pizza stuffed Pop Tart.