UPDATED: The Five Worst Sports Injuries We’ve Ever Seen

There are many injuries each year in the world of sports, but some injuries rise to what I like to call the “vomit-inducing” level. These injuries often involve body parts going ways they aren’t made to go, bones exploding, and, of course, people vomiting.

5. Borje Salming

Salming played for the Toronto Maple Leaves in the 70’s and 80’s. In a game against the Detroit Red Wings, he took a fall and ended up with a face full of a Red Wings player’s blade. 200 stitches later and he was like new!

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It’s just a flesh wound.


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4. Shaun Livingston

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It was 2007 when Livingston, in his fourth NBA season, blew up his knee. Upon landing awkwardly, he dislocated his left kneecap, tore his ACL, PCL, lateral meniscus, and sprained his MCL. So yeah… it pretty much exploded.


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3. Oupa Ngubule

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What was once considered the worst sports injury in history is now just one of the worst. Ngubule broke his leg in two places during a South African Futbol (SOCCER, duh. America!) League game.


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2. Sid Vicious

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Wrestling is fake, but gravity and injuries are very real. Sid Vicious, winner of many fake championships, is one of the most memorable wrestlers in history. But, in 2001, he experienced this almost career-ending injury, snapping his tibula and fibula. He returned to wrestling in 2004.


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1. Kevin Ware

This is number one forever. I cannot imagine a worse injury. Ware’s leg came out of his skin. That’s not supposed to happen. Bones are made to stay inside a body. I like how reports are being released that he “broke his leg.” NO FUCKING SHIT HE BROKE HIS LEG! DID YOU NOT SEE THE BONE?


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Break member TheJapuma believes this is the worst injury ever in sports:

In 1989, Buffalo Sabre Clint Malarchuk severed his cartoid artery in his throat. 11 fans fainted, two had heart attacks, and three players vomited on the ice. Team medic Jim Pizzutelli saved Malarchuk by reaching into Malarchuk’s neck and pinching off the artery until medics came and put 300 stitches into him.

Is this the worst? Honestly, I’m not sure. While this one does feature tons of blood, Ware’s has just the right amount of bone-sticking-out-of-skin that I think it still wins.

Any you think we missed? Let us know in the comments and if we get enough, we’ll gather them up for a great playlist that’ll guarantee to make you throw up faster than you’ve ever thrown up before!

– Mark (follow on twitter)