The First Google Glass Videos Are... Eh

The First Google Glass Videos Are... Eh

Google handpicked people all around the world to demo Google Glass, the revolutionary device you wear like glasses and interact with. You can take pictures with it, record video, talk through it, tweet through it, and probably masturbate with it somehow (life finds a way).

The mass public has only seen this device through the eyes of Google and their PR team. They've done a fantastic job of making it look exciting and now real people finally get to try it out.

And it's sorta lame.

Here's someone playing a video game through Google Glass because if there's anything you want to do with a futuristic device, it's stay inside and record yourself playing video games...


Oh, how about a video shot on Google Glass of someone OPENING the Google Glass box!?


Here's one that actually is sort of exciting:

So now I have to look through a billion Google Glass videos? And you know at the key moment, the guy is going to ALWAYS reach up to make sure the glasses are secure and cover the action.

But let's ask ourselves: why do we need these devices? Who wants to watch all the crappy videos that are going to come from it? Why do we have to wear a device that is constantly connected to the internet when already have a phone that does that? Are we so lazy that we can't use the phone for photos, videos, and information anymore? We have to leave our hands motionless at all times? And what are the legal ramifications of me walking around recording everything without peoples' permission? Where does our privacy go? And what does this say about society that we are so enamored and lustful towards Google Glass?

And why the fuck didn't I get one, Google? I offered many awesome ideas in your #ifIhadglass hashtag campaign to get first-time users a pair. Things like "record me with all my hot girlfriends" and "keep an accurate visual diary of my poops" and "peek into my boss's office and get every time he yells at me to stop on video" and "follow women around."


Google Glass is dumb.

- Mark (twitter)