The Definitive Guide To Sharking

blawsome by blawsome on Feb. 06, 2014

Probably named because it connotes a sneaky attack, sharking is a public act of embarrassment and humor simultaneously.  A proper sharking involves the exposing of an unsuspecting woman’s private parts in public.  Usually filmed or photographed, this can either be pulling down a shirt to expose breasts or a skirt to expose panties…or other things.

What Is A Lowshark?

Lowsharking is when someone lifts up or pulls down a girl’s skirt.  This style of sharking has been popularized in Japan where school girls in short fetish skirts are aplenty. 

How To Properly Lowshark

1) Location Location Location

Location is everything when figuring out who to lowshark.  You want to make sure you find an area where there are plenty of girls but you don’t want there to be TOO many young ones.  For example, avoid school areas.

It probably won’t end well for you.

Try to find a densely populated area where you are probably one sharker of many, thus minimizing your chances of being criminalized.

2) Creep

You’ve got to decide who your victim will be.  This will require at least a few minutes of hardcore creeping on girls.  She has got to be somewhat cute, preferably wearing a short skirt, and distracted.  Once you decide who you like, move on to step three.

I want that one.

3) Press Record and Go For It

Chances are that if you’ve already committed to sharking, you probably think its awesome and want to share it with your friends.  So either have a wingman hold a camera, or bring your own.  Press record and go for it.

It may take a couple of swipes, don’t worry.

What Is A Topshark?

Topsharking is very similar to lowsharking except the goal is to expose big boobs.  Topsharking is more popular in European cities and can take place at festivals or on random street. 

How To Properly Top Shark

Steps 1 – 3 are the same for both types of sharking, but the assortment of tops women wear could provide major confusion and huge problems if you can’t pull it down fast enough. 

Tube tops, a shirt without a strap, are ideal.



Too many buttons requires too much effort.  Even if buttoned halfway.  It just won’t work.


It’s a full coverage piece of material with a zipper that was really hard to pull up.  You’ll just look stupid if you try.


Too hard.  All that material with layers underneath.