You Missed A Cool Nod To ‘Dawn Of The Dead’ On Last Night’s ‘The Walking Dead’

It’s no mystery George A. Romero created the modern zombie film. Hell, he created the modern zombie, period. So for fans to have seen last night’s Walking Dead finale and not notice the cool tribute to one of the greatest zombie films ever made is just a shame. So let’s correct that right now.

Here’s a side by side of Tom Savini’s character making the classic machete kill in the original Dawn of the Dead vs. the moment from The Walking Dead. So much awesome.

Reddit user GreatDominions spotted the subtle moment that lasted a mere few seconds on last night’s episode, but of course had to share with the rest of the internet’s zombie-loving fans. Pretty cool. Of course how both effects were achieved is one of the oldest tricks in the book, created by Tom Savini himself who is also a makeup and prop FX guru.

Now if only the The Walking Dead would give George Romero some sort of credit for essentially lifting from the horror genre he himself had created, all would be well in the nerd universe. Also if you love The Walking Dead and still have yet to see any of George Romero’s zombie films, SHAME ON YOU.

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