The Daily Wrap: September 6th

Finally the week’s ended and we can all relax with a nice mint julep and the news in today’s wrap!

Rotten Cricket Plague

Oklahoma may have angered God this summer as a plague of crickets is covering a chunk of the state.  Unsurprisingly to most people but apparently not to the media is that crickets are living things and, like all living things, when you have a mass of them getting killed, you create a whole new problem – rotten meat. 

The infestation is so severe that the bugs are crawling up walls and dying in piles on the sidewalk where their cannibalistic friends will gnaw on the corpses and leave them to rot and stink up the joint.


The Autistic Pay Off

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David Swanson is a 21 year old autistic man.  According to California law, he is entitled to free education until he’s 22.  The school board where he live sis offering his mother $86,000 to keep him out of school and to settle past complaints filed against them about how David has been treated at school.

According to Swanson’s nurse, she’s witnessed David being forcefed by a teacher in the past who refused to listen to the nurse’s advice, causing David to vomit.  His iPad – the chief method of communication used by David since he can’t speak– was left out in the rain for fear of having a recording device in class.  His mother believes the school simply doesn’t like David, isn’t equipped to deal with him and is now trying to pay her off to overlook their history of abuse.


Death by RC Helicopter

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We post a good number of RC helicopter vids on Break because, as toys go, they often seem pretty cool and generally in videos they either do something awesome or crash spectacularly.  Unfortunately for Roman Pirozek, a 19 year old from Brooklyn who enjoyed flying choppers for fun, they’re also very dangerous.  Pizorek lost control of his RC helicopter and it hit him in the face at high speed.  Most media sources that covered the accident used the term “nearly decapitated” to describe the level of trauma the accident caused.


That’s One Big Volcano

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1,000 miles off the coast of Japan is what is now not just the largest volcano on earth but potentially the 2nd biggest in the solar system, giving the massive volcano Olympus Mons of Mars a run for its money .  So how big is the 2nd biggest volcano in the solar system? Over 100,000 square miles.  So think of New Mexico, only as a volcano.

Good news is that the volcano is inactive and it’ll stay just as quiet as it ever was on the ocean floor, but now we’re probably going to have to put up with interstellar vacationers dragging their family to earth to see the solar system’s 2nd largest volcano.


Ride the Lightning

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Getting hit by lightning is a pretty rare event, so feel free to try to crunch the numbers on how often this must happen – a guy riding a motorcycle was hit by lightning on the interstate in full view of other drivers.  According to witnesses, the bolt struck his helmet while he was driving.  His response was to pull over to see what happened – the face shield of his helmet had blown out and some of the inside of the helmet had melted, along with some wiring in his bike.  He then drove himself to a convenience store and called for help.  Afterwards he was treated for burns to his ears, face and neck.  You know, he kind of stuff that happens when lightning hits you in the head on your motorcycle.