The Daily Wrap: September 30th

It’s Monday and September is nearly done, what’s new and noteworthy?  Let’s find out.

Breaking Bad Broke

Breaking Bad is all over.  No spoilers, unless you live in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the show was filmed and where the local economy has grown to rely on the show and the tourism its offered over the last several years.

From caterers to antique shops to Los Pollos Hermanos itself (which is a real burrito joint with a different name), much of the town benefitted from having the show film there and now, without it, a lot of people are looking to lose a lot of income.

Some business owners are hoping that the show’s life on DVD and Netflix will keep business booming as they sell blue rock candy that was used as prop meth on the show itself, or donuts that Aaron Paul was caught eating on camera, while others expect the business to dry up quickly.  On the upside, a new show filming in town and the prospect of a Breaking Bad spinoff mean locals may not have to go back to panning for gold or whatever it was people did for money before Breaking Bad showed up.


Government Shutdown?

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So will America stop working today?  Hard to say for sure, but today is the last day for something to happen before fans starting getting hit with assorted materials you don’t want in your fan.  At 2 today, the Senate will convene and kill that budget bill the House passed which is going to kill Obamacare, for at least a year.  It’ll instead pass a different bill that will fund the government and also allow Obamacare to pass with o changes.  That’s clearly not going to work, so when it goes back to the House where Republicans will give it a kick in the butt they’ll offer a compromise.  Thing is, it’s probably too late in the game for any compromise to work either, especially since there’s been a lot of time to offer one and no one has liked anything they’ve hear so far.  So expect a government shutdown.  It’s not 100% guaranteed, maybe a compromise that includes a medical device tax will go through, but seems like instead the government will opt to just embarrass us all.

What Happens When We Shut Down?

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Not sure why you should care about a government shut down?  This is a bigger issue and one that should make you angry no matter what side of the fence you’re on as this is a result of both Republican and Democratic stubbornness and stupidity.  We teach children to get along at school but we can’’t get elected officials to do it and now, here’s a handy list of what will happen;

  • Military: Personnel stay on duty but getting paid is another matter.  Over 50% of the 800,000 civilian employees of the defense department would be furloughed.
  • Museums and Parks:  national monuments, national parks, the Smithsonian, those will be shut down.
  • Nasa: We’ll keep people around to monitor the space station and the astronauts living up there.  But most of NASA’s 18,000 employees?  Furlough!
  • EPA:  You like knowing your water is clean?  EPA employees won’t be able to water air and water pollution and regulation.
  • Social Security:  Checks still go out, but things like disability claims get backlogged
  • About 1 million workers in total are expected to be put on unpaid leave.


Video Games Do Cause Violence

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As you’ve no doubt noticed, video games are causing crime left and right.  Just as the 9 year old boy in Florida who went to court after bringing a gun, ammo, a knife and a sledgehammer to school to act out some scenes he’d witnessed in the latest criminal glorification game Grand Theft Auto 5.  What’s that?  It wasn’t GTA5?  Oh, that’s right, it was that even more lascivious and evil game, Minecraft.

Yeah, the kid played Minecraft and felt like playing it for real at school so he took in the weapons to keep playing.  Turns out no one wants a kid to play Minecraft at school with a handgun.

If there’s an upside it’s that the firing pin had apparently been removed so the gun was not fireable, and the kid didn’t actually try to murder anyway with his other weapons.  On the downside, his parents still leave guns and ammo laying around the house where he can get it instead of keeping it secure.

A judge sentenced the boy to home confinement, so at least now he can play Minecraft without resorting to using real weapons.


Scumbag of the Day

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Here’s someone towards whom you can direct any hate and frustration you’re feeling – Eric Lehtinen was getting a divorce and it was supposed to be finalized last week.  His ex was coming over to pick up their 4 year old son and found the man and the boy unconscious thanks to Lehtinen giving both of them a drug overdose.  He had injected his son with a mixture of heron, ketamine, codeine, morphine and other drugs.  Lehtinen was taken to jail after he regained conscious while the boy is still in hospital.  Doctors aren’t sure if there will be any long term effects from his overdose.

The father has been charged with attempted murder and is being held on $3 million bail.