The Daily Wrap: September 27th Staff by Staff on Sep. 27, 2013

Hello Friday, you’re looking wonderful, as usual.  And here’s the latest news buzzing around the internet.

No Discounts at Goodwill

A 19 year old employee at a Goodwill in Florida thought he was doing some good deeds when he gave out discounts to people in need.  He would slash as much as 50% from prices for people that came in wearing all they owned or only had a few dollars in change to make purchases. 

It’s a nice idea and all to want to help people in need, and Goodwill certainly is a charity, but the problem is that employees can’t just give out discounts all willy nilly.  Goodwill fired the kid and called deputies who then arrested him and charged him with grand theft.  While a grand theft charge may be extreme (guess he gave out a lot of discounts), he says he didn’t know that giving out discounts was wrong and certainly not illegal.  How does someone reach adulthood and get employed and not know you can’t give out discounts at your leisure?

Some locals believe he shouldn’t even have been fired, the store just should have explained what he was doing was wrong.  So what do you think?  Fired?  Arrested?  Or just a talking to?


Say, Is That A Squirrel?

You’ve probably heard of hunters being mistaken for deer and getting shot before, it happens every so often.  Heck, sometimes a hunter’s dog will even shoot them by mistake.  But now a man in Wisconsin has been shot after his friend mistook him for a squirrel while on a hunting trip.

Hunting is undoubtedly mankind’s oldest profession/hobby, it predates everything you can think of simply because it’s how we had to survive as a species for the longest time.  You would think then, with our entire evolutionary history leading up to this point, we would have mastered it well enough to not mistake a 6 foot tall, 180lb human for a foot long, 10lb squirrel, but such is not the case.

When authorities arrived they found the victim on a stump with two dead squirrels, at least somewhat confirming the story from the shooter.  An autopsy is still pending, but ridiculousness is likely the cause of death.


No Spaghetti for Gays

The CEO of Barilla pasta has made statements saying that he wouldn’t use a gay couple in an ad for his product (which is fine, you never see gay people eating Skittles in commercials, either) and that if gay people don’t like it they can go eat someone else’s pasta and on and on digging a hole about family values and gay adoption and so on until it was pretty obvious he’d made a really big PR mistake.  Naturally this prompted calls for a boycott from gay rights groups and a response from Barilla in which the CEO attempted to clarify his remarks by saying he respects gay people, he just wants his brand to reflect the importance of a woman in the family, which may just mean they’re cool with lesbians, it’s hard to say.


Is There Life on Mars?  Nope, Water

The Curiosity Rover finally paid off!  Or, well, it found water on Mars, and that’s pretty cool.  There are no hot tubs or babbling brooks just yet but it turns out that Martian soil is pretty soggy stuff.  How soggy?  Turns out a cubic foot of soil contains about two pints of liquid – the water molecules are bound to the soil, but theoretically you could heat it up, produce steam, and extract yourself a nice glass of Mars water to drink.

This is no guarantee that there was ever life on Mars or we’re any closer to finding evidence, but it does bode well for future explorers.  If we can extract water, it’ll be a lot easier to visit.  Possibly plant a cactus or two as well.


The Time of the TomTato is now!

Straight out of the Simpsons (well, almost, they had Tomacco) is the TomTato plant, a single plant that grows tomatoes above ground and potatoes below.  Available for  £14.99 in the UK, the plants are hand reared, not genetic freaks of nature (tomatoes and potatoes are both from the Nightshade family, so it’s kind of like cousins having babies) and apparently produce up to 500 very sweet cherry tomatoes as well as white potatoes.  Raise a tiny cow in the same pot and you got yourself a stew.

RiotSt4rt3r User

Being gay is like your girlfriends period. I know it's happening but I don't want to see it and I don't want to talk about it.


Screw Gay people, free speech FTW, if you don't like it go cry about it IDGAF, tired of this BS, Putin banned homos from making out and being sexual in public so kids didn't have to see that crap and the whole gay world is all in an uproar. There aren't as many people ok with gay people as many would think, Hollywood is putting out all kinds of propaganda that being gay is good etc. but that is because there are a bunch of perverted homos in hollywood, so it goes out on the tv that it is ok and then idiots with no backbone don't want to speak up and say what they feel or believe because they don't want an opinion differing from the popular one, well I'm a free American that can speak my mind about it and I don't care what anyone thinks of me for doing it, I stand up for what I believe in and when I see something wrong, I say it. Homos need to STFU and stop crying, go home and be gay behind closed doors, I don't like seeing anyone making out gay or straight, sure as hell don't like seeing people in S&M gear or some other freaky shit, our kids sure don't need to see them doing that either.

mykylc User

The Barilla story is bullshit.  He wasn't making statements...he was answering questions. His answer was completely blown out of proportion and taken out of context.  Ask any large corporation like McDonalds, Burger King, Applebee's, etc. if they would use openly gay couples in their commercials and watch how many would say they would not be opposed to it but then would never make a commercial with an openly gay couple in it.

BillyBob308 User

10 lbs.?????........What the hell are they feeding the squirrels, in Wisconsin?

COHockey User

I see an alien skull in the TomTato leaves.

whatinitheworld UserTop Commenter

@mykylc I wonder what group loves to blow things out of proportion at every occasion they find to get attention . . .


@BillyBob308 I am pretty positive BREAK staff have never been "outside", much less close enough to any wildlife to have an understand of their size.