The Daily Wrap: September 26th

Can you believe it’s Thursday already?  You should, it literally happens every week at the same time.  That said, here’s the news that’s buzzing this morning.

OJ Steals Cookies

You can look at this story as absurd, sad or just desperate, but it’s being reported that OJ Simpson, currently in prison for something other than murder (he’s doing 33 years for armed robbery), was caught stealing oatmeal cookies from the prison cafeteria.  The story comes by way of the National Enquirer which we mention only to point out that it’s entirely possible it’s fake, which means someone out there thought we needed some OJ news and couldn’t come up with anything, so we got this.  Of course maybe it’s a real story in which case, really?  OJ stole cookies in prison? 


No More Spying!

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Four Senators have introduced a bill to stop the NSA from bulk collecting phone data from US citizens, violating privacy, infringing on our rights, etc and so forth.  Call us crazy, and there’s a whole news story we’re linking to so you can read up on it, but doesn’t this presuppose that all the spying done by our government, which blew everyone away when we found out about it, was just a thing someone told them they could do?  And now we’re saying “please don’t” and expecting they’ll just stop?

If all it takes is for a bill to pass and the NSA will stop spying on Americans and, you know, everyone on Earth, then that’s great.  But we’re a little skeptical. 


Protesting Habitat for Humanity

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File this under ‘scumbag’ but someone in Peoria, Illinois is protesting Habitat for Humanity because the charitable organization is building a home for a military veteran and his family in their neighborhood and they’re building the house out of wood instead of brick like all the other houses.  Apparently there’s literally a petition going around and this is the sole complaint being made.

U.S. Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Peoria is actually helping to raise funds for the home, and it’s being built for U.S. Army Sgt. Brian Wood who’s served two tours in Afghanistan and been awarded two bronze stars, his wife and their three small children.  Wood works as a warehouse manager, and is still in the National Guard, but found it hard to get the money together to buy a home suitable for his family.  A Veteran’s Affairs contact told him Habitat for Humanity helps all kinds of families, not just lower income, as long as they put in their fair share of time and money with the project.

Despite the good nature of the project and the family involved, the petition against the wooden house is still floating around, apparently being circulated by an elderly woman who probably yells at kids who go on her lawn and keeps baseballs and Frisbees that land on her property because she is old and terrible.


Krokodil Komes to Amerika

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If you’ve never heard or seen the dug Krokodil, infamous in Russia and Eastern Europe, consider yourself lucky.  The drug has one of the worst side effects you’ll ever see – it eats flesh.  A Google search, if you can stomach it, will turn up pictures you’ll absolutely believe are fake at first, of people who literally look like horror movie zombies, missing all the meat between their knees and ankle, or a forearm rotted off the bone on people who are still alive and conscious.  But it’s not fake, it’s what krokodil does.  The drug is a mix of codeine and some kind of hydrocarbon, say gasoline for instance, that gets cooked and injected into a vein.  Why would anyone cook gasoline and inject it into themselves, especially if you know it will literally rot the flesh from your bones?  Good question, but it’s turning up in the US now.  Just this week, two cases have popped up in Arizona.


ATF Loses A few Cigarettes…

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The ATF buys cigarettes.  They do this in sting operations to stop smuggling, bootlegging, that sort of things.  However, they don’t do a great job of holding onto them after they buy them as a Justice Department audit has found that the ATF has “misplaced” about 420 million cigarettes.  And they have a tendency to use money obtained in undercover operations to pay for other operations, which is not supposed to be how things work.  Money obtained during undercover operations is supposed to be turned over to the Treasury.  Instead, the ATF made about $162 million and used it to offset other costs.  How’d they make that money?  Selling cigarettes.  So basically the ATF is kind of a really irresponsible smoke shop, just buying and selling smokes while keeping poor records of what goes where.