The Daily Wrap: September 24th

Welcome to Tuesday, don’t you hope we have some news about the porn industry today?  Guess there’s only one way to find out.

Celebrity Sex: Porn Savior

Have you ever wondered what exactly keeps the porn industry going if you never, ever pay for porn since the internet was invented?  It’s the celebrity sex tape.  According to “sources” porn has gone from a $15 billion industry about a decade ago to possibly a third of that today because, as you may already know, if you have the internet, you have porn.  It doesn’t cost you anything.  But when a “celebrity” has sex on camera (we have to legally use quotation marks there because calling someone like Sydney Leathers or Farah Abraham a celebrity without them will actually melt your computer, it tends to generate a lot of income for porn producers like Vivid Entertainment as users click back to their home page to watch the whole video.

Unsurprisingly, the insider claims these videos aren’t accidents, that Abraham and Deen were set up to make a video and Tila Tequila went so far as to have proper studio lighting for her tape.  Equally unsurprising is probably how many people who care.


The Halloween Shame Game

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Halloween is just over a month away and the ultra-prepared amongst us have already started costume planning while most children have picked out about 50 costume ideas and continue to change them day to day.  Lucky for all concerned that Wal Mart is already selling an abundance of costumes including the ones that, literally every single year, make the news for being inappropriate.  It’s not just sometimes, it’s every year.  Google it. 

This year, Wal Mart has a line of “Naughty” costumes for toddlers.  Naughty Leopard is one submitted to Consumerist and it features nothing that is either naughty or leopard anywhere in the costume, barring a bit of purplish, leopard-inspired fringe.  It’s like people can’t imagine making a costume for girls that doesn’t at least include the words “naughty,” “sexy” or “filthy tramp” whether the costume lives up to the name or not.

Expect to read about more outrage as Halloween gets closer, there are bound to be more costumes, some that actually are inappropriate.  Then see if you can find any costumes for adult women that are anything but delightfully inappropriate.


A Homeless Wedding Feast

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What do you do when you’re planning your daughter’s wedding and a month before the date she cancels it?  Most people rage over the money they lost but the Fowler family in Atlanta at least had the good sense to try to get something for their time and effort by donating the venue and food, which had all been paid for, to a local homeless shelter.  200 women, children and families were bussed to the venue and got to experience a pretty fancy meal and a fun evening (they added some kids entertainment because they’re nice people).  No reason was mentioned for the cancelled wedding, but the event that did take place was successful and fun for everyone, even their daughter who attended to help out.  See?  There’s good news every once in a while.


It’s A Dog Eat Woman World

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Patricia Ritz hadn’t been seen in a few days when neighbors decided to call police so someone could check up on her. What they found was a property that housed close to 50 dogs, including numerous wolf-hybrids, and a human skull.

Police believe Ritz died at her home, either by falling ill or some kind of accident, and her dogs, going without food for so long, ate the remains. Ritz was a notorious animal hoarder and had a history of charges going back to the mid 1980s relating to having too many dogs and not taking proper care of them.  At least 6 separate times over the years her property was raided and charges filed with dogs confiscated, many of which had to be put down, again and again, but obviously she never got the message. 


Yelp reviews are Faked?!?

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In what should come as a surprise only to those of us who just got off a boat from 1980 and have never seen the internet, the Attorney General in New York has just concluded a sting operation proving that reviews on Yelp and similar websites are being faked.  Well knock us over with a feather.

The office set up a fake business – a Brooklyn yogurt shop – and hired some companies that offered “optimization” services.  These services basically include paying people to post positive reviews of your business online. The only really illuminating info is that the companies pay so little, about $1 a review, to freelance writers in places like Bangladesh or the Philippines, and they have the technology to mask their IPs well enough that Yelp apparently can’t figure it out.  Most of the rest of us just have to read a review to get a good idea it’s fake, but there are probably one or two that are so well done you’d never know.  Probably.