The Daily Wrap: September 18th

Is it Hump Day already?  The week goes fast, especially when you lose Tuesday thanks to technical difficulties (sorry about that).  But we’re back on track with the news today!

No Being Miley!

Grand Valley State University is about learning, not about twerking.  That said, the school has had to remove their pendulum statue after students have posted Vine videos online parodying Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video by riding the pendulum.  Silly students, you can’t do that!

“The Pendulum” is a 42-inch steel ball with a spike and a 40- to 50-foot steel cable.  Apparently people tend to ride it all the time, but they’ve been riding it a lot more lately.  And really, if you can blame something on Miley Cyrus, shouldn’t you?

Blurred Lines and Clear Bruises

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Straight out of Florida comes the story of a man arrested for child abuse.  Child abuse, you ask?  What does that have to do with Blurred Lines as indicated in the title of this entry?  Did some man beat a child to the tune of Robin Thicke’s hit song Blurred Lines or something?  Yes.  Yes, that is exactly what happened.

Steven Grady Fillingim is alleged to have beaten the victim, an unidentified child who is related to him, for “being lazy.”  The beating, with a switch of wood across the back of her legs, lasted 40 minutes and during the marathon apparently included whipping to the beat of Blurred Lines.  The song is kind of creepy already but in the context of beating a child it becomes infinitely more offputting.

The beating was recorded on a cell phone, because of course it was, and now Fillingim is being held on charges of cruelty to a child.


Insane Clown Posse Sued

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It’s a sad day in America when wholesome entertainers like the Insane Clown Posse fall victim to the litigious nature of society, but here we are.  Hard working singer/songwriters ICP and their label, Psychopathic Records, are being sued by their former publicist and attorney who claims that, dring her tenure with the label, she was sexually harassed and humiliated on multiple occasions, asked to procure illegal firearms, given a dildo by someone named “Dirty Dan” who also frequently told her he’d like to have sex with her, only using more colorful language that the bosses at Break don’t want us to type in here (it was the F word.  He told her he wanted to F her) and that the same man had given “vagina tighteners” to other female employees.

On the one hand, it’s never a good thing to have to work in a hostile environment in which people call you names and want you to behave in a way contrary to your morals and ethics, which she claims was the case in the lawsuit. On the other hand, you work with a guy named Dirty Dan at Psychopathic Records for the Insane Clown Posse.  You shouldn’t work for the Insane Clown Posse or Psychopathic Records if you’re not in some way familiar with or prepared for the “world” in which these people seem to exist.  That isn’t to condone any wrong actions, but it’s to suggest perhaps that you shouldn’t become a sewage worker if you don’t want to shovel poop for a living.

Of course, these are all just allegations right now anyway.  It’s worth noting that the employee in question didn’t quit because of all these terrible things, she was fired, and then she filed the lawsuit.  ICP has made no statement yet, but if they did it will probably be awesome.


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In the heart of New York is a skyscraper at 650 Fifth Avenue, right by Rockefeller Center.  Even if you have never been to New York, you’ve probably heard of Rockefeller Center and Fifth Avenue enough to know this is a pretty swanky neighborhood. That building is being seized by the US government after it was determined that the property was secretly owned by Iran.  This makes it the largest seizure ever of terrorism-related property.

The building was built in the 1970s by a non-profit that was owned by the Shah of Iran, who was overthrown in the late 70s.  The same company still owns 60% of the building while another owns 40% but it turns out both are fronts for the Iranian government which sends rental income back to Tehran. With the seizure, proceeds can be used to compensate the families of victims of Iranian-sponsored terrorism.


Rewarding a Good Deed

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There are still good people in the world, including honest ones, like Glen James.  Glen lives in Boston and is homeless.  He made news when he found a backpack full of money – $40,000 in cash and, instead of making off like a bandit, he found a police officer and turned it in.  For a homeless guy to do that it pretty impressive since damn near anyone would struggle with that decision, let alone someone who clearly really needs help.

After Glen’s story broke, a man from Alabama was moved by Glen’s honesty and set up a page on to help raise some cash for Glen, figuring he’d get a few bucks and be able to help him out a bit.  Instead, he’s raised over $60,000 so far.  People love a good guy and sometimes honesty does get rewarded.  Hopefully Glen can use that money to get himself a place to stay and get things on track for himself.