The Daily Wrap: September 13th

It’s Friday again so get ready to enjoy a fun filled weekend of whatever it is you do.  Unless you work on the weekend, in which case…sorry.

Jersey Shore Fire

A massive fire broke out along the boardwalk in Seaside Park and Seaside Heights,a famous tourist part of the Jersey Shore boardwalk that had just last year been hit by Hurricane Sandy.   Four blocks of shops and attractions had been lost before the fire was put out and in total nearly 50 businesses succumbed to the blaze.

The fire burned for 6 hours before it was finally contained, helped along by the wind and tarred roofs that fueled it.   500 firefighters were on the scene and had to go so far as to create artificial sand dunes to stop the spread of the fire.  No residences were affected but the businesses have been lost completely.


Measles Outbreak

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Thank intellectual superstars like Jenny McCarthy and Rob Schneider who promote an anti-vaccine agenda for the largest measles outbreak in 17 years.  Because so many parents are opting not to vaccinate their children against diseases, which evidence has shown can be directly related to the influence of uneducated and unreliable sources like foolish celebrities, numerous children are now falling victim to diseases we can already prevent.  That’s progress for ya.

Measles does have the possibility of being fatal, and not vaccinating your kid puts every other kid they get near at risk, but hey, if Jenny McCarthy says a vaccine caused autism with literally no scientific evidence to back it up and then is actually forced to admit some years later it’s not true, who cares, right?


Voyager 1 in the Final Frontier

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36 year old Voyager One, the Nasa spacecraft sent out to explore the galaxy, has reached interstellar space and is the first manmade object to do so. It’s beyond our solar system and on its way to the Great Beyond, already 12 billion miles from our sun.  Now it’s only a matter of time before aliens find it, merge with it and then wait for the Starship Enterprise to come looking for it.


No Sitting On The Grass

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There’s a town in New York called Hudson Falls that is sick of people loitering. Loitering where, you ask?  In the park, of course.  As such, it is now against the law to sit on the grass in the town’s public parks.  They have  parks you’re not allowed to loiter in.  They also have a loose grasp of the meaning of the word park.

According to the mayor, if they have a concert or outdoor event, you’re more than welcome to use the grass. But in day to day dealings they found too many people just sitting around in the park and God knows how awful that must be, so they had to pass the law. 

The law covers 5 local parks, also prohibits you from bringing pets to the park and violators can face up to $250 in fines or 15 days in jail, though it seems the first resort may be to just kick you out of the park.  Also, profanity is banned, so you can’t legally tell police or the mayor what a load of BS this law is.


Friendly Deer?  Kill It

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A friendly deer nicknamed John Deer was put down in British Columbia after wildlife officials decided a friendly animal is not to be trusted.  Turns out if wild animals are habituated to humans they could be unpredictable.  Other officials point out you could just put the deer somewhere else and any potential threat it may present is resolved, but who has time for that?  Just get a cute Youtube video out of it then euthanize it.

On the other hand, who wants a frisky deer accidentally goring you because it wants to play?