The Daily Wrap: September 12th

Hello Thursday, goodbye “most of the week.”  It’s now the slow, easily roll towards the weekend.  Sweet.

We’re Arming Syria! Good For Us!

One day after we remember terrorist attacks on our own soil, news breaks that the CIA is supplying weapons to the Syrian rebels to help them in their civil war.  Take a moment to try to recall any time in the past when the CIA gave weapons or aide to a foreign force and what happened in that situation.  Don’t worry, you can Google it if you need to.  If you’re pressed for time, the CIA may have supported Osama bin laden, Saddam Hussein, the Ayatollah, Pinochet in Chile, Suharto in Indonesia, Manuel Noriega, Papa Doc in Haiti and several others.  So basically, if the CIA supports someone, you would do well to bet money on them committing genocide later in life. 

That said, current aide to Syrian rebels consists of light, trackable arms, so maybe they’re trying to keep the fallout to a minimum in case they picked the wrong pony this time. In any event, when Vladimir Putin is writing NYT op-ed pieces that make it seem like our country is the irresponsible one, you know it’s time to clean up our image.


The 73 Year Old Jerk

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Police in Greenwich, Connecticut have arrested a 73 year old lady who apparently spends her time vandalizing the neighborhood. Janina Slomiana was charged with 6 counts of criminal mischief and they suspect she’s responsible for up to 20 incidents in which neighborhood cars have been keyed.  One truck was damaged so badly the cost was pegged at $6500, so she may have scratched an entire door off.  When asked if she committed the crimes her eloquent answer was “no” before slamming the door on reporters. 


Terry Jones Goes Down in Flames

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Remember Pastor Terry Jones?  He’s the Florida Pastor with the epic mustache who famously hates Muslims and was behind the Innocence of Muslims film that was blamed for numerous riots in the Middle East.  He also burned the Quran in 2011 which sparked riots leading to several deaths in Afghanistan. This year he planned to burn an entire trailer full of Qurans, one for every person killed on 9/11, but was arrested while towing the kerosene-soaked books on charges of unlawful conveyance of fuel, and also on an open carry and a trailer registration violation.

The problem with Jones, aside from the obvious of course, is that he wants to get this attention but put others in a position to pay for it.  He burns a book and US soldiers and people abroad get killed in riots while he accepts no accountability.  The military has asked him repeatedly to not do what he does as it puts soldiers at risk, but of course he keeps doing it, possibly due to that mustache sapping precious resources from his brain.


World Record Bag Swim

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If you’re ever afraid you’ll never win a Guinness World Record because they’ve all been won by someone else better than you, never fear, there’s still hope for you winning a record no one has even thought of.  For instance, a Bulgarian man is trying his hand at getting the world record for swimming in a bag.  Jane Petkov had himself bundled into a sack and tossed into a lake where he swam like a dolphin on his back for over 2km.  And while swimming that far in a bag is actually impressive, Guinness has yet to make any official statement.


Forest Boy Discovered

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These stories are always kind of mind-blowing, but apparently a 20 year old man has been found in Siberia living in the woods where he’s been for the past 16 years.  He told those who found him that his parents decided to leave society in 1997, because that’s a thing you can do, and just went to the woods.  And then last May his parents maybe opted to rejoin society but left him behind because they took off and he was alone.  Officials in the closest town are looking to get him set up with ID so he can get government assistance, in case he ever decides to not live in a mud hut in the woods.