The Daily Wrap: September 11th

Welcome to Wednesday, the 11th.  It’s mid week but also a day to remember 12 years ago and what happened in New York.

9/11 Remembered

Today is the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.  Memorials will be held in New York and all around the country.  A wreath laying and name-reading ceremony will be held at the Pentagon.  At sundown, a Tribute in Light will take place at Ground Zero in Manhattan.  Continuing a tradition started just last year, the memorial will also not include any speeches by politicians.

Mayor Weiner? Not By a Long Shot

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Still in New York, the election last night may have finally put an end to the long, long, loooong and sordid tale of Anthony Weiner, who saw the final nail thumped into his coffin in the most degrading of ways.  After coming in 5th in the election, Weiner delivered his concession speech at an event his wife opted not to attend and without even mentioning her as he thanked everyone else in his family and campaign.  To make matters worse, one woman from his personal life did attend – Sydney Leathers – Weiner’s one-time sexting buddy and aspiring porn star.

After delivering his speech, Weiner literally ran away from Leathers to avoid a confrontation and, as he got in his car to leave, had a picture taken of him flipping off reporters.  Don’t expect to hear much more from Mr. Weiner, except as a passing punchline.

Beyond Eggs or Beyond Weird?

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Backed by Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel and Bill Gates, a new completely non-chicken based egg substitute that mimics the properties of eggs exactly is now available for consumers.  Sold at Whole Foods, the fake eggs are made from things like sorghum and ground peas and can replace eggs in literally anything from baked goods to mayonnaise.  It offers the same consistency you would get from eggs and the taste and feel is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Watch your backs, chickens, your time is running short.


Lubbock, Texas Introduces Body Cameras

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Surprisingly, Texas is leading the way in trying to achieve police accountability in a world in which it is becoming increasingly clear that we have an epidemic of police abusing their authority in dealing with the public. Officers in Lubbock will now be outfitted with body cameras that record all interactions the police have during their duties so that no one, citizens or police, need worry about conflicting stories of how events went down.

Given how often we at Break post videos of police acting completely unreasonably, this seems like a great idea.  Plus it increases the likelihood of us watching crazy police videos from Texas.  It’s win-win!


Space Farming Is Coming!

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NASA is planning on starting up a farming program because that is awesome.  It costs $10,000 a pound to send food into space, making feeding our astronauts a bit of a burden.  Farming in space would greatly offset the cost and offer not just food for astronauts but apparently something called horticulture therapy – growing a caring for plants helps keep you calm and stress free.  Who knew?  NASA, that’s who.

The first plants on the schedule will be leafy greens, lettuce specifically, because it grows quickly, takes up little space and can be consumed without any processing, unlike crops like wheat which would need to be milled or potatoes that need to be cooked.