The Daily Wrap: September 10th

It’s Tuesday and that means you’re already angry that it’s not Friday.  Here’s some news to keep your mind off it.

The War in Syria is on Pause

Good news for those who don’t monger war, it looks like America may not head to Syria after all as Syria has accepted a Russian proposal to hand over control of their chemical weapons.  The plan is to basically allow international control and destruction of the chemical weapons and yes, they mostly did it to spite America but you know what, if it prevents a war that would kill Americans, then spite away, Syria and Russia, spite away.

The best part?  The whole plan may have been inspired by John Kerry, almost jokingly, suggesting America wouldn’t go to war if Syria turned over all of its chemical weapons.  One zany remark and a war is avoided. Not bad, Kerry.

Anthony Weiner, We Hardly Knew Ye

Here’s Anthony Weiner’s final TV interview before his bid for mayor fails miserably.

How bizarrre was that?

Apple’s Breaking Bad

Woe be to the company the crosses paths with  Breaking Bad fan. Apple has found itself with a class action lawsuit thanks to the way it’s handling the final season of Breaking Bad.  The show, airing it’s 5th season of 16 episodes, was split by the network into two 8 episode blocks.  Apple decided this meant it was two separate seasons so anyone who paid for season 5 of Breaking Bad on iTunes got the first 8 episodes.  Want to watch the last 8? Pay another $22.99 and you can get season 6.  Only thing is, there is no season 6, that’s still season 5.  The producers acknowledge it as one season, the network calls it one season and now Apple is being sued for false advertising by selling a “season pass” that’s only good for half a season.

How many millions is the lawsuit for?  $20.  Not $20 million, just $20.00, what the plaintiff feels he’s owed since they screwed him out of half a season.


Russell Brand: Not a GQ Man

Love him or hate him, Russell Brand sure knows how to make a scene.  While at a GQ man of the year awards ceremony, Brand pointed out that the event’s sponsor, Hugo Boss, made out pretty well during WWII providing uniforms for the Nazis.  This is entirely true, a lot of companies worked for the Nazis and Boss was one of them.  However, they seem to be a little touchy about the subject and GQ is a little touchy about their sponsors being outed as accessories to mass genocide.

The editor of GQ kicked Brand from the event saying what he did was offensive to Hugo Boss.  If rumor is to believed, Brand responded by saying what Boss did was offensive to the Jews.  Check and mate.


The Honeymoon is Over

The wife of a couple that were married for only a week is accused of pushing her new husband off of a cliff during an argument. An actual cliff. 

Jordan Graham was apparently having second thoughts after her marriage and had been fighting with her husband.  As all couples do, they decided to go on a hike through Glacier National Park to work things out but continued arguing on the hike.  She says her husband grabbed her arm and she responded by first removing it and then, because she was still angry, shoving him from behind.  He fell face first off of the cliff.  His body was discovered a few days later. Graham is now looking at 2nd degree murder charges.