The Daily Wrap: October 9th

Oh man, it’s Hump Day, dust off those camel and/or sexually inappropriate jokes and then check out today’s news.

It’s the First Hemp Crop in 56 Years

Earlier this week, Ryan Loflin because the first American farmer to harvest a legal crop of hemp in 56 years.  Despite what some people thought, this did not lay the state of Colorado under a haze of smoke for the next two days.

Loflin has a 55 acre commercial crop which will provide hemps seed oil and various other hemp by-products, none of which are much fun recreationally since hemp and marijuana are only cousins, but which mark a turning point in American farming since we’re now finally OK with someone growing a crop that looks like a crop some people consider bad.  Sounds pretty dumb when you read it like that.

Loflin’s crop, which isn’t huge, will mostly be going for soap, while the stalks can be used in construction material and animal bedding. 


You Can’t Harass Someone You Don’t Pay

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The life of an unpaid intern is a sad one, who likes working for no money anyway?  It gets worse too when you consider that there is apparently no law against sexually harassing them because you need to be a paid employee to get sexually harassed

Lihuan Wang claims she was sexually harassed by her boss back in 2010 and tried to bring a lawsuit against him.  The New York Supreme Court found that, as an unpaid intern, she’s not an employee and not covered under New York City Human Rights Laws.  Because humans make money and non-humans don’t and interns are clearly not human.  If they were they’d get paid.  See how that works?

No word on whether or not you can violate an unpaid intern in any other way but we may hire a few around the office and get back to you.


Gate Crashing National Monuments

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The government shutdown is being viewed as some hardcore BS by pretty much everyone but if you had to pick one aspect of the shutdown that was somehow stupider than all the rest (beyond the shutdown as a whole and everyone being out of work) you might have to point to the closing of parks and monuments.  Because how the hell do you shut down nature?

While legal analysts can agree that it’s OK to close something you have to pay to get into, trying to close off park land that people can just wander on to is stupid and hard to enforce which has lead to people all across the country hopping fences and ignoring the power of orange parking cones to trespass onto government land.  As people wonder just when parks and monuments became government land that they only give us permission to look at when they want us to, park rangers are having a difficult time keeping everyone in line, especially since most of them have been laid off and it’s hard as hell to look a WWII veteran in the eye and tell him he can’t go to his own memorial because of some crap they have nothing to do with.


The Government Shutdown Made Simple

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Check out this petty cool website,, to see how the government shutdown breaks down by who is affected and how many dollars are being lost in real time.  It’s kind of awesome and depressing all at the same time.


Any Landing You Can Walk Away From…

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What do you do when you’re on a plane and the pilot collapses and dies?  First change your shorts, but then you get on the radio with a flight instructor and learn how to land the plane.  That’s what happened in Britain after two passengers on a Cessna watched their pilot keel over.  One of the passengers, who was believed to have had at least some flight experience though he’d never landed a plane, was able to be talked into a landing.  So all that stuff you see about planes being hard to fly is apparently untrue.  But please don’t take that to mean you should go try it.  Break doesn’t endorse that.