The Daily Wrap: October 8th

Give Tuesday a kiss good morning, grab your coffee and head on down to read the news that’s buzzing today.

Bikers vs SUV: The Reckoning

This story won’t stop.  We’ve already covered it twice before, the story of bikers in New York assaulting the man in his SUV with his wife and kid in tow and how one of the bikers ended up paralyzed, now get this – several of the bikers involved were police officers and one, an off duty undercover cop is seen in the video joining the crowd beating on the SUV.  Four bikers have already been charged in the incident, some stemming from videos that have not been made public yet because you’d figure a lot of people probably busted out their cell phones when they saw a gang of biker hooligans chasing a man and his family across New York City.

Here’s hoping everyone gets what’s coming to them.  You know, whatever that might be.  We’re not judging.


That Ain’t Toast

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There’s no reason for this story to even exist, but we had to pass it on.  A man in London, England was forced to call the fire department after he’d gotten his penis stuck in his toaster and couldn’t get it out again.  That’s the sort of thing that will keep you up at night, wondering the hows and whys of that ridiculous situation.  Who humps a toaster?  Why hump the toaster?  What did it get stuck on?  Was it still plugged in?  Was there nothing else in the house that looked more hospitable?

Firefighters have requested people try to use more common sense in the future as, over the last few years, calls like that have racked up a bill of several hundred thousand dollars.  Like getting people to use common sense is as easy as just asking.


No Death Benefits

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There have been plenty of jokes about the government shutdown, but for a good example of why you should be pissed at your government, look no further than soldiers killed in the line of duty whose families have been denied death benefits.  The families of five soldiers killed in Afghanistan this weekend will not receive the money normally wired to families within 36 hours of death meant to cover funeral and living expenses until survivor benefits kick in.  The money is also to help family members fly to Dover Airforce Base to be there when the soldiers return home.

An official from the Pentagon has said they hope to have the problem fixed by today.


Blizzards and Cattle Don’t Mix

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Yes, it’s October still, but that didn’t stop a blizzard from ripping through South Dakota where some places got as much as four feet of snow. The weather took everyone by surprise and also took a huge toll on farmers in the area, killing thousands of head of cattle.  After being rained on for hours, when he weather turned to snow, the cattle were unable to withstand it.  At least 5% of the cattle in the state were lost, with some individual ranchers losing as much as 50% of their herds.  The numbers are still sketchy due to snowdrifts covering fields and making it impossible to tally all the lost animals.


Speaking of Bull…

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The government is shutdown but the need for mechanical bulls cannot be stopped.  The Utah National Guard just purchased a $47,000 mechanical bull because it needs a $47,000 mechanical bull.  Furloughed employees?  Lack of death benefits for soldiers?  Who cares, mechanical bull!  They use it at state fairs and other events to get attention.