The Daily Wrap: October 3rd

The week is rolling to a stop, so let’s see what’s new and noteworthy around the internet.

$500 and a Dog’s Behind

Dogs famously eat homework but it seems like once in a while they will also eat $500, like when you go out to dinner around Christmas, in Montana, and leave your dog locked in the car. 

Wayne Klinkel and his wife went out for dinner and left the family dog with $500 in the car.  Wayne doesn’t carry cash in a wallet thanks to a chiropractic issue and his dog only eats the finest quality bills, it seems.  When they came back from dinner the money was gone and the waiting game began.  For months, literally, Wayne picked pieces of money out of his dog’s poop and painstakingly cleaned the money and dried it then taped it all back together and mailed it to the treasury.  Some poor shlub at the Treasury then cut them a check for the $500.  Even though the government is shut down right now, we like to think you could still do this because whoever the guy was who had to change out dog poop bills is an essential employee.


Piracy is Good

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The entertainment industry is convinced piracy is awful and will destroy Hollywood as we know it.  The London School of Economics and Political Science has just released a report indicating the exact opposite is true and that file sharing helps the industry, making them the umpteenth group to come ot this conclusion and proving that only the entertainment industry is convinced otherwise based entirely on no statistics whatsoever.

One of the big facts to support the data is how the US Box Office keeps breaking records and, in fact, 2012 profits were 6% over 2011 for a total of $35 billion.  If someone pirated a copy of Grown Ups 2 and ruined that, the evidence is hard to find.


Hate Nature? Hunt Wolves in Montana!

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Maybe Wayne Klinkel locking his dog in the car is just par for the course in Montana where it seems like nobody likes dogs.  Hunting seasons has opened in Montana and 6000 licenses have been issued to wolf hunters.  Each hunter is allowed to kill up to 5 wolves.  The math on that is 30,000 wolves. So 30,000 out of the state’s population of 625 can be killed.  625,000, you ask?  No, 625.  Less than one thousand wolves live in Montana and the state has issued licenses to kill them all and then some.

In the 1990s Montana allowed wolves to be hunted so extensively wolves from Canada had to be brought in to help bolster and reestablish the population, so it’s not like this is a one time mistake.  They have literally been this stupid in the past and had to try to fix it.  Good job, Montana!


Bikers vs SUV Update part II

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That video of bikers harassing the driver of an SUV keeps turning up new twists and turns.  Today, news out of Boston is that the biker who was run over  by the SUV. A resident of Massachusetts, is not eligible to have a driver’s license in that state until 2017 owing to the man’s history of traffic violations.  Edwin Mieses, who is now paralyzed, has been ticketed across the entire state so many times and, in fact, never got a full license beyond his beginners because of the tickets he racked up.  Since 1999 he had been ticketed 16 times and it’s not clear if he was legally even allowed to be driving the day of the incident.

The biker gang that Mieses was a part of was planning on heading to New York’s Times Square as they had done a year previously with the intent of disrupting traffic and basically locking down Times Square.  Police knew of the plan and had already been on the lookout in the city for bikers in an attempt to prevent the disruption. 

And some people still think the driver of the SUV, a man who was chased down with his wife and toddler in the car, pulled from his own vehicle and beaten on the street, deserves to be charged.


Revenge Porn and You

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Are you familiar with revenge porn?  It’s what you call it when you post nude photos of an ex online as an act of vengeance because you’re childish like that.  California has just passed a law against these kind of shenanigans but a lot of people point out the giant hole in the law – part of the law states that for it to apply you have to have been the photographer – means that anyone who sends a nude selfie and that selfie gets posted online, gets no protection from the law. 

According to CNN, as many as 80% of victims of these kind of crimes were their own photographers meaning  the law would not be able to help them.