The Daily Wrap: October 31st Staff by Staff on Oct. 31, 2013

It’s Halloween, so be on the lookout for no good punks with eggs and toilet paper, or just panhandling for candy like the world was one big street corner in a bad neighborhood.  Anyway, on to the news.

Red Sox Win



The World Series ended last night with a 6-1 victory for the Boston Red Sox over the St. Louis Cardinals giving the Red Sox their first World Series win at home in nearly 100 years.  Now you can get back to watching non-reruns on TV or, if you’re not American, questioning why it’s called the World Series if no one else plays in it except that one Canadian team.

Red Lobster Racism Revisited



About a month ago, word spread around the internet of a server at Red Lobster who, in lieu of a tip, was given a racial slur on a receipt.  There was the expected uproar online and a man in California started a fundraiser on the waitress's behalf, raising over $10,000 for her.  That would be a fine story on its own if that was where it ended but now, the man whose receipt featured the racial slur in question, is suing the waitress and Red Lobster saying he didn’t write that on the receipt.  In fact, he got a forensic handwriting expect to show that the handwriting is neither his nor his wife’s.

According to Devin Barnes, a family emergency required him to switch his Red Lobster order to a “to go” order.  That’s the reason he left no tip, they weren’t served by a waitress so he didn’t tip the waitress.  But at no time did he write anything offensive on the receipt and his expert backs him up.  Since the receipt was posted online Barnes had to change all his financial information and has received death threats from all over the world since his info was made public.

Red Lobster has nothing to say on the matter and the waitress in question said that she believes Barnes if he said he didn’t write it.  Which of course makes one wonder, if he didn’t write it, who did?


Remember, Remember the 5th of November



Time is growing short.  On the 5th of November, Anonymous has planned the Million Mask March, with over 400 locations set to participate already.  The point, you might wonder?  Same as the point during the Wall Street protests, same as being part of the 99%, same as what Russell Brand took viral just last week – there’s something wrong in the world today and a lot of people know it. 

We may be a jaded bunch, cynical and generally apathetic.  We may look at “hackers” in masks and call them names and derisively shrug it off, but try to think back to another time in your life when there was so much upheaval, so much rancor amongst the common man, not just in America but everywhere.  Egypt.  Syria.  The UK.  Libya.

Is a revolution coming to America?  Your instinct may be to say no, but who is happy anymore?  Republicans and Democrats, if they stopped yelling across the aisle, would both realize neither side is getting what they want.  Ever.  Not where it counts, not out in the real world, in homes and communities.  Everyone is being victimized, by their government, by insurance companies, by banks, by corrupt officials.  You’re being spied on.  Your personal information is being held in files.  You’re being lied to and when the lies are exposed, no one is held accountable.  Ask yourself how silly it is to put on a mask and say you don’t want to take this kind of crap anymore. 


Two Times Lucky



A 67 year old man in Orlando just won the state lottery for $3 million.  That’s impressive and all, I’m sure we’d all love $3 million, but it’s news worthy for the fact he won the same lottery last year, only that one was for $10 million.

James Bozeman bought both tickets at the same 7-11 and has chosen to get his new windfall in $100,000 a year installments for the next 30 years, which makes sense when you already have $10 million at home.  Why the hell does he keep playing the lottery if he already won $10 million?  Well, he won, so why not?  He changed his regular numbers after that first win so now he plans on changing again for round three, presumably while the rest of his neighborhood plots ways to rob him blind.


Spice Ain’t Nice



The FDA is like a friend who ruins everything for you just by telling the truth you never want to hear.  In this case, a study of imported spices has shown that 12% of all spices brought into the US are contaminated with bug parts, whole bugs or rodent hair while 17% of spices are contaminated with salmonella.  You have a decent chance of getting salmonella roach blend instead of curry at the store.

Linking spice consumption to illness is hard to do practically since if you eat out and get sick you tend to say you had the shrimp, not that you had shrimp made with curry, cumin and paprika.  In a lot of cases you may not even know what spices you had or forget about them.  But at least now you know they have a lot of bugs in them.

jbart321 User

I love that this black waitress tried to scam people and now has no idea who wrote that.  Get a handwriting expert, we'll see she did right away.  But it's ok because she's black so she can't be racist.

RobbyBoyy User

Gee what a mystery, I wonder if the Black girl wrote it...  What a not stereotypical black thing to do. 

it_will_be_alright User

I hate how the news outlets are perpetuating this idea that we're all victims of someone. Yes, there is corruption, yes there is fraud, and yes individuals are being victimized but it doesn't apply to 99% of Americans. These are flaws in a dynamic system. You don't break the whole system and try again unless you're an angry child. The other option would be to come up with a NEW and improved system that can immediately replace the old broken one.

S31FER User

Anonytards unite!  Together we fall!  Ionizing Ion Cannon!  Hurr durr!

COHockey User

Nov. 5th I'M THERE. 

Seriously people, if you don't get out and be heard that day then you are a SHEEP and deserve what the government is doing to you.



@COHockey <sarcasm> I'm going to go out and be gassed by who knows what, it will really make a difference, lets all march till our legs fall off, the multinational system with a massive arsenal of bio chem and conventional weapons at their disposal won't use them against people they actually do want to kill</sarcasm> Oh, there is no way Americans will fire on their own people you say, well there are hundreds of thousands of NATO soldiers in the US that would be happy to exterminate you and everyone here

it_will_be_alright User

@COHockey Funny that you said "heard" because it's a homonym of herd. You're going to be moving together with a large group of people in one direction. Sounds like a herd to me. I'm not sure who the sheep really are in this case. I don't think you do either. That aside, you act like sheep moving in herds are inherently bad. It's only bad if they are being led to something detrimental. Trying to crash the system is certainly harmful. Don't you think? You know COHockey I thought you were pretty funny based upon your comments before this but now I'm just surprised.

Nord20 User

@COHockey Yes, do go out and wear a mask - one produced in a slave labour factory in some backwater country on behalf of...Time Warner...who own the rights to the mask and make a nice tidy profit from all you moron protesters who think standing around wearing a mask might achieve something.

Get out and be hear, my arse - who the hell do you think is listening to you bitch and moan?

tony_hustle User


Try again.  The American colonists developed a system independent of British rule and fought to return to their independent state when the British tried to impose control.  Hence the word revolution. Study up.

The system young people and extremists are trying impose has never existed anywhere in the world because it isn't sustainable for one simple fact:  If the state provides all the necessities to its citizens, there will be no incentive to work and production will plummet.

it_will_be_alright User

@OCNEONJ @COHockey I see that you make valid points even if they may differ from my own but I don't understand the portion about NATO soldiers. Do you mean US Army NATO brigade? In any case, nobody is going to exterminate anyone in the US.

it_will_be_alright User

@BlankTitanic @tony_hustle @A-cat-Called-Quest Where does it say that everything must be a level playing field? You're dealt the cards you have and you do the best you can with them. Most individuals in the 1% now are part of the noveau group of individuals who used what they had to do better. Why do people act like the 1% are responsible for keeping the 99% in the 99%? It's really the 99% that's keeping themselves where they are. There is a small group within the 99% who really do need assistance to move upward but there are PLENTY of middle class individuals who worked hard and now their children are in much better professions with much more upward mobility. How do I know this? I know these types of individuals. They are my friends and colleagues. The bottom line is that the people you are talking about simply want more but they want to achieve that by having others give more.

BlankTitanic User

@tony_hustle @A-cat-Called-Quest Where do you get that these people want communism? I have not seen that anywhere. They want a fair shake is all. Not a system that is set up to crush the middle class.


@tony_hustle @A-cat-Called-Quest we are being sold off to the chinese, killed off by frankenfoods etc. news and politicians want everyone distracted, they all scream look over there, that is important, when they really don't want us to see what's really going on