The Daily Wrap: October 2nd

It’s the second day of a government shut down and it’s the second day of October, let’s see how the news is adapting to all these seconds.

WWII Veterans Storm One Last Secure Bunker

The World War II Memorial was shut down along with all the other memorials and parks in America yesterday, but try telling that to the veterans who wanted to see the memorial.  A group of men, many in wheelchairs, ignored the barricades and instructions to not enter and visited the memorial that exists to honor their bravery.

Four busloads of veterans visiting from Mississippi decided that they had not come that far on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to be turned away by some silly government shutdown.  Park police quickly gave up trying to keep the elderly heroes in line and just stood aside to let them pass.  Organizers said the trip took months to plan and cost $100,000 in donations, there was little chance it would have been able to wait for this situation to be resolved, nor should it have to have waited, really.

Park police assured other visitors that the memorial was still closed to them, but the 80 or so veterans were allowed to pass unhindered as onlookers and some lawmakers cheered them on.


Nosama for Wal Mart

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After receiving letters of complaint from the Sikh community, Wal Mart has pulled Osama bin Laden costumes from its shelves because nothing at Wal Mart is offensive until someone lets them know.  In this case it was people offended on religious grounds but you would have thought maybe, before the Sikh Coalition mentioned it, that a costume representing a man who murdered thousands of Americans was a little tasteless.  It’s kind of on par with a Hitler costume.

Wal Mart agreed to not sell the costume and apologized for offending anyone though the costume can still be purchased on several websites.


Biker vs SUV Aftermath

Remember this video?

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Turns out we have follow up!  Two bikers have been charged in the aftermath, including the guy you can see in the video intentionally slowing down in front of the SUV.  Apparently, it’s routine practice for bikers like this to slow the flow of traffic to allow other bikers to catch up and perform stunts, which may have been happening here.  However that biker, who was charged, gets hit and knocked off his bike so all the other bikers stopped to help and that’s when everything hits the fan.  The driver of the SUV, a father with his wife and infant daughter in the vehicle, says the bikers began hitting his vehicle.  When he saw them swarming towards him, he panicked and fled, which you also see in the video.  One biker was seriously injured and is likely paralyzed for life.  The bikers continued to chase the SUV through the city, attacking the vehicle and eventually smashing the windows and pulling out the driver to assault him after he gets stuck in traffic.

The SUV driver hasn’t been charged as police felt he was in fear for himself and his family and the video does seem to support that claim.  The wife of the paralyzed biker is of course upset that he driver wasn’t charged but watching the video you can’t make the claim that this wasn’t the fault of the bikers. If they’d been following the rules of the road and not looking to cause a problem, none of this would have happened.


Jellyfish Shut Down Nuclear Plant

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Usually you’d expect something like a meltdown or a terrorist attack to be all that can shutdown a nuclear plant but not so – turns out jellyfish are really good at doing it, too. 

A plant in Sweden, one of the largest in the world, only restarted yesterday after a forced shutdown Sunday thanks to pipes being clogged with jellyfish.  The turbines are cooled with sea water and a massive wave of the fish managed to get sucked in and gum up the works.  After two days of whatever you do to clean jellyfish out of pipes (we hope it was a broom and a hose), the plant was started up again.

How to Make a Bully

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According to research, kids at schools with anti bullying programs are more likely to be bullied than kids at schools without them, possibly because the anti-bullying programs teach bullies better ways to get away with what they’re doing.  It makes sense when you think about it, it’s like going a self defense course with the guy who is going to attack you afterward so he can be prepared for all your moves ahead of time.

Naturally educators are blown away by this info because teachers, as a whole, seem to have a hard time understanding anything, which is why zero tolerance policies still exist.