The Daily Wrap: October 29th

Good Tuesday to you all.  As part of our ongoing efforts to avoid news about the federal government, really in any way, we’ll be skipping those NSA and Obamacare stories today in favor of the stuff they push to the side.  On with the weird news!

Remains of People Found in Treatment Plant



If you watch the Walking Dead, especially this season, you’ve endured countless clues and hints that there’s something wrong with their water supply.  But who needs fiction when real human body parts are showing up in water treatment plants? The torso of a woman (just the torso) found in a water reclamation pool is believe to related to other remains found in Carson.

In Carson, this weekend, a calf and a foot were found at a plant there.  Because none of the waste treated at either plant is from storm sewers, it’s believed someone put the body parts down a manhole. Some limbs are still missing but police are treating it as a homicide, because obviously.


Chris Brown is Loose


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Serial menace to society Chris Brown had his assault charges lowered to a misdemeanor and the surly lil’ fella was released without bail after pleading guilty.  He’s now free to make music you don’t listen to and beat up other people for no reason while blaming it on the media, or the victims, or anyone but himself, really.


Syndrome X


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It’s a very sci fi name for a very sci fi disease, and it claimed a victim just recently who was 20 years old but never aged, that’s her in the photo above. Imagine having to go through your teens and into adulthood basically as a toddler.

Brooke Greenberg died at the age of 20, her condition so rare that doctors studied her just to gain insight into human aging, naming the condition Syndrome X because what else do you call something that leaves you in a state of perpetual youth?

Doctors told her family to prepare for her death on numerous occasions, but realistically they were probably no closer to understanding the condition than her parents were.  In time Brooke developed her own personality and express likes and dislikes, even becoming a fan of the Baltimore Ravens. 


Facebook Wants Government ID


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Thousands of Facebook users locked out of their accounts have a super simple fix available to them – just give Facebook your government ID.  The social networking site, oblivious to the world we currently live in and apparently quite full of itself and how important it believes it is, has sent messages to users whose accounts have been locked for whatever reason that to regain access they need to provide government issued ID, something that seems to be upsetting many users.  But remember kids, humans evolved this far without Facebook, it’s really not an essential part of your life. 


Sriracha: Public Nuisance


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The internet loves sriracha, thanks in no small part to the influence of sites like the Oatmeal. However, not everyone loves sriracha as the city of Irwindale in California has filed suit against the plant where the sauce is produced calling the smell emanating from it a public nuisance.

Apparently the smell of sriracha floats around this town like a menacing red stink ghost, just settling on homes and parties casing irritated throats, red eyes and coughing.  A judge will have to decide if the plant needs to do something to fix its stank or if the good people of Irwindale just need to learn to live life extra spicy.