The Daily Wrap: October 28th

It’s a new week that’s going to wrap up October as we barrel headlong into November.  Are you ready for it?  Of course you are. Now read the news.

Old Folk Fracas



Imagine you’re in your twilight years and your relatives have put you in a home, an assisted living facility where a friendly, well-trained staff are available to help you maintain your independence and allow you to grow old gracefully and with dignity. Now forget that and read this story of a home in Alameda that closed on Thursday and neglected to tell the 14 patients who still lived there.

Paramedics were called to the valley Manor Residential  care center and found a notice on the door ordering the facility to close. Inside there were still 14 elderly and sick bedridden patients being attended to by only a few  employees – among them a cook, a janitor and one caretaker.  None of the employees were being paid, they stayed to help because only those handful realize abandoning a building full of sick people is insane.

An investigation into what happened is under way but our keen detectives have found some clues that suggest jackassery.


Good Ol’ Halloween Racism


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Here are a couple of wingnuts who dressed as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin for a Halloween party, complete with blackface, to allow the rest of the world to question what’s more offensive, a racist Halloween costume or a costume depicting a murderer and their victim.  Did anyone put on an Ariel Castro costume this year and find three girls to be his traumatized victims?  Maybe the Duggar family form 19 Kids and Counting can dress up as the Sandy Hook shooter and the assorted victims.

Paris Cyrus


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Speaking of tasteless Halloween costumes, here’s Paris Hilton dressed as Miley Cyrus.  And that, kids, is what happens when pop culture eats itself like an ouroboros.  There’s probably a joke in here about irrelevancy but we have to find a real news story or today’s going to get depressing.

Don’t Go to Pharmacy School!


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Apparently a decade ago becoming a pharmacist was a brilliant idea – you could get a $30,000 signing bonus, a 6 figure salary, even a new car as a job perk.  Yes, dispensing Viagra was the way to live the good life.  But then everyone caught on.  From 1987 to 2012 the number of pharmacy schools grew from 72 to 128.  There are about 13,000 new pharmacists hitting the job market every year and there’s just not enough work for them.

It’s expected that pharmacists will enjoy 20% unemployment by 2018 due to a job glut, which all those wannabe pharmacists carrying 6 figure loans.  All of this means you may want to look into becoming a dentist.



Lou Reed Has Died


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Singer and songwriter Lou Reed died over the weekend.  If you weren’t into the Velvet Underground you may have missed a lot of his work, but he was arguably one of the most influential musicians of the 60s and 70s and a seminal figure in Rock, Punk and songwriting in general, elevating it to its own form of poetry.